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President's Report

Democratic State Committee Report: Shifting the Overton Window

It’s Time to Act: TPID Statement on the Police Murder of George Floyd and Others

TPID Helps Mark Juneteenth

Join Out Postcard Campaign to Flip Maine Blue!

Three Parks' 45th Annual Benefit Is a Hit Online

State Sen. Gustavo Rivera and Economist James Parrott Speak to TPID

Getting Out the Vote for Our Candidates in the June 23 Primary
Wednesday, July 8, 2020 
8:00 pm

Achieving Meaningful
Police Reform
Hon. Eric Adams (invited)
Brooklyn Borough President  
Farhang Heydari
Executive Director, The Policing Project NYU School of Law

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8:00 pm: Call to Order
District Leader Report
Hon. Eric Adams
Questions and Answers
Speaker :
Farhang Heydari
Questions and Answers
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Our July and August Club meetings will take the place of the summer picnic, which is deferred until large gatherings in the park are again permitted.
President's Report
By Lorraine Zamora

Right now, the protests that have rocked this country since the death of George Floyd are surely the first thing on all our minds. They may, at long last, be forcing our country to reckon with its systemic racism and police brutality. Three Parks Independent Democrats supports this movement wholeheartedly. If you have not yet read the statement  It’s Time to Act that we circulated by e-mail, please do so. You can click here or at the link later in this newsletter.

But, of course, that’s only part of what’s happening this summer. The general election is still four months away – but that means it’s  only four months away. That’s why Three Parks, along with other progressive groups, is eager to continue, and even expand, its activities.  This year, instead of taking a summer hiatus, we’ll be having Club meetings with thought-provoking speakers in both July and August.  You’ll also be receiving newsletters from us this summer, along with emails alerting you to activities in which you can participate. 

Democratic State Committee Report
Shifting the Overton Window
By Daniel Marks Cohen

The Overton Window is a concept from Joseph P. Overton, who created the idea named for him at a Michigan think tank in the ‘90s. The idea is that public policy ideas are generally within a “window” of public acceptance, and anything outside the window is dismissed as absurd or impractical or impossible. The concept of “shifting the Overton window” on an idea generally means that an idea that was initially dismissed is now reconsidered as possible, even preferable. We are all seeing that right now, in the Black Lives Matter movement. The idea of defunding the police (which really means substantially cutting the police budget, not eliminating it entirely) has gone from almost impossible to imagine to most likely to occur –  consider that the 2016 budget under former City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito passed overwhelmingly (Brooklyn’s Inez Barron was the sole dissenter), and at that time it included $170 million for 1,300 morepolice officers. That is hard to imagine happening now in this current climate, and it speaks to how far the BLM movement has moved the focus away from the status quo on the priorities of the council. Another way to say this is that the BLM movement has shifted the Overton window on public support of police funding, from totally virtually unchallenged support to questioning and reallocating. 

It’s Time to Act: TPID Statement on the Police Murder of George Floyd and Others 

On June 6, in the wake of the brutal murder in Minneapolis of George Floyd at the hands of four police officers and the subsequent nationwide protest demonstrations, TPID issued a statement titled  It’s Time to Act .  The statement reads in part:

The killings of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and countless others, the terrible toll inflicted upon communities of color by the COVID epidemic, and the militarized police response to the resulting protests have brought our country to a turning point.  It is well past time to root out and end the injustices so deeply ingrained in our city, state and country: systemic racism, a biased legal system, white supremacy, and police practices that unfairly target people of color.

Three Parks Independent Democrats supports those who are exercising their constitutional right to protest these crimes in our city and throughout our country.

To read the whole statement, click here

TPID Helps Mark Juneteenth

On Juneteenth (June 19), which commemorates the date in 1865 when news of the Emancipation Proclamation finally reached America’s last enslaved people in Texas, TPID, along with Broadway Democrats and Indivisible, co-sponsored a Vigil to Defend Black Lives. The event took place at the Firemen’s Memorial on Riverside Drive and 100th Street. Speaking before a large turnout of neighbors and friends were State Assembly Member Danny O’Donnell, State Committeeman and TPID Board Member Dan Cohen, Broadway Democrats President Amy Porter, and Arlene Geiger representing Indivisible.  

In the evenings preceding and following this event, many TPID members and others also joined regular demonstrations in support of Black Lives Matter, gathering at street corners along Broadway in our neighborhood to chant, wave signs, and show solidarity with the massive demonstrations taking place daily throughout the city.
Three Parks members are joining with our neighbors each evening to demonstrate our solidarity with Black Lives Matter. We gather at 8:00 pm at the corner of 103rd Street and Broadway. Come and join us, bring a sign, and show your support!
Join Our Postcard Campaign to Flip Maine Blue!

In this year's crucial Senate races, where can Three Parks have the greatest impact? One likely answer is Maine, where Republican Sen. Susan Collins, already behind in the polls, will face a strong Democratic challenger. After phone-banking to Maine voters last winter, the Three Parks Take Back Congress Committee is now planning to switch to postcard writing to get our message across.

You can be part of this effort, and you can do it from your own home. We will supply prepaid postcards, a script, and lists of names and addresses, all available for easy curbside pick-up here in our neighborhood. When you have completed your postcards, you can return them to us for mailing this fall as election day approaches.

To volunteer, you can RSVP by clicking here or watch your email for further details. Let's turn Maine blue and help Democrats regain control of the U.S. Senate!
Three Parks’ 45th Annual Benefit
Is a Hit Online! 
Thanks to everyone who joined us for the Three Parks 45th annual fundraising benefit on Sunday, June 7. Held by necessity as a virtual gathering on Zoom, the event attracted a large audience of loyal supporters and friends. Honorees were NY State Sen. Michael Gianaris, who received the Ted Weiss Public Service Award, and Dominicanos USA, an organization committed to the civic, social, and economic integration of Dominican-Americans into the fabric of American society, which received the Jesse Crawford Community Service Award.

Distinguished speakers and guests included U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer, Congress Member Jerry Nadler, Congress Member Adriano Espaillat, Assembly Member Danny O’Donnell, Comptroller Scott Stringer, Borough President Gale Brewer, State Supreme Court and Civil Court judges, District Leaders, State Committee Members, other elected officials and candidates, as well as club members and friends. Special thanks to Three Parks board member Lois Safian for coordinating the benefit, to Three Parks board member Steve Max for being our Zoom master, and to David Hershey Webb for providing excellent entertainment.
State Sen. Gustavo Rivera and Economist James Parrott Speak to TPID

At the Three Parks Club meeting held via Zoom on June 10, club members and friends logged on to hear from State New York State Senator Gustavo Rivera and from James Parrott, an economist at The New School. Both addressed the impact of the COVID crisis on New York City.

Sen. Rivera represents the 33rd Senate District, covering large parts of the Bronx. He is the Chair of the Senate's Health Committee. He criticized Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s planned budget cuts in healthcare and education, saying that low-income communities are being forced to make sacrifices while the wealthy are not. He urged grassroots Democrats to push back against budget cuts and to support raising taxes on New York’s billionaires.

James Parrott, the Director of Economic and Fiscal Policies at the Center for New York City Affairs at The New School, told his TPID listeners that the current economic crisis will likely be extremely severe.

NY State Senator Gustavo Rivera
Getting Out the Vote for Our Candidates in the June 23 Primary

As the June 23 Democratic primary approached, TPID members, led by Board member Wendy Diller, gathered via Zoom to support Rep. Jerry Nadler ( shown at right ) and our other endorsed candidates. Working in tandem with the Nadler campaign, volunteers held a virtual text-bank and a virtual phone-bank, reaching out to Democratic voters in our neighborhood’s 69 th Assembly District. The goal was to turn out the vote, even under the daunting conditions of the COVID pandemic. Voters who had received absentee ballots were reminded to submit them right away. Others who did not have absentee ballots were urged to vote in person, and if possible, to take advantage of the early-voting polling sites. 
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Wednesday, Sept. 23 , 8:00 pm
Three Parks Board Meeting
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