Dan Cohen will be an outstanding Council Member for the 7th Council District.  We know this because we have worked with Dan for years and have recognized his progressive values and his leadership skills. Dan is the Democratic State Committee member for our area. For three years, Dan hosted Three Parks’ postcard and phone banks and was instrumental in our successful Take Back the House and Take Back the Senate Campaigns.  We worked beside Dan as he campaigned against the IDC and for true progressive Democrats, and we celebrated together when Democrats won control of the New York State Senate.  We traveled with Dan to work to elect Antonio Delgado to Congress in the Hudson Valley and tabled together to register voters and to elect Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. 

Dan will fight for the creation of affordable housing, for accessible and affordable quality health care and for a mass transit system that serves the needs of City Council District 7 residents.  Dan will protect our neighborhood zoning. We hope you will join us in helping Dan get elected. Come to a Three Parks table and petition to get Dan and all our endorsed candidates on the ballot for the June 22 Primary election. Learn more and sign up for Dan’s phone banks here.