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Late-breaking news:
There Will Likely Be Two Democratic Primaries This Summer.
  • June 28 for Governor, US Senator, NY State and Dem. Party Offices
  • August 23 for US Congress, NY State Senate
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President's Report

A Court Threw Out Some of New York's Redistricting Lines. The Likely Result? Two Primary Elections This Summer

Get Your Absentee Ballot!

TPID-Endorsed Primary Candidates

Three Parks Independent Democrats Annual Event

The NYC Budget Solution: Tax Millionaires' Wealth

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Wednesday, May 11, 2022, at 8:00 pm

The State of the Borough

Mark Levine
Manhattan Borough President
The NYS and Proposed NYC Budgets:
How Will They Impact the City?

Gale Brewer
City Council Member, District 6

Brad Lander
New York City Comptroller
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Meeting ID: 881 9102 6221
7:45--8:00 pm: Log On / Dial in
8:00 pm: Call to Order
Speaker: Mark Levine
Questions and Answers
Speaker: Gale Brewer
Questions and Answers
Speaker: Brad Lander
Questions and Answers
President’s Report
By Lorraine Zamora

Just when you think things can’t get worse…they do. Just when you see a glimmer hope…it’s gone. And just when you feel some control over your small corner of the world…it vanishes.

That’s how I felt last week when the New York Court of Appeals declared that Democrats had violated the State Constitution and ordered a court-appointed expert to redraw the redistricting maps for the midterm elections.
For over a month, Three Parks had been gathering signatures of registered Democrats to ensure that TPID-endorsed candidates for Congress, statewide offices, state committee, and county committee get on the primary ballot in June. Petitioning is critical to getting on the ballot. 

Spearheaded by District Leader Cynthia Doty, over 1800 signatures had been collected for Congressmembers Jerry Nadler and Adriano Espaillat, Senators Cordell Cleare and Robert Jackson, Assemblyman Daniel O’Donnell, state committee members Daniel Marks Cohen and Lynn Thomas, judicial delegates and county committee members.

A Court Threw Out Some of New York’s Redistricting Lines. 
The Likely Result? Two Primary Elections This Summer!

The NYS Court of Appeals has thrown out New York’s Congressional and State Senate district lines, which were redrawn by Democrats earlier this year and ruled to have violated a constitutional ban on drawing maps to benefit a particular party. Now a court-appointed “special master” will draw new districts, and nobody is quite sure what they will look like. The new district maps must be finalized by May 20. The state Board of Elections and the court will then set a new political calendar for a separate Congressional and State Senate primary election based on the new district maps.

The redrawn state Assembly district lines, which govern voting for Assembly members and Democratic party positions, have so far not been changed.

There is still the possibility that things may change -- at the time of this writing the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is appealing the court's ruling -- but as of now, here is what is expected to occur.

This summer, instead of the single primary that we were expecting, there will be two primary elections. The first will be the one originally scheduled for June 28 for Governor, other state offices, NY State Assembly, and party positions. The second, now scheduled for August 23, will be for US Congress members and NY State Senators.

June 28 Primary
  • Last day to register: June 3
  • Early voting: Saturday, June 18 – Sunday, June 26
  • Candidates on the ballot: Governor (endorsed: Kathy Hochul), Lt. Governor, US Senator, NYS Comptroller (endorsed: Thomas DiNapoli), Surrogate Judge 
  • Candidates on the ballot if you vote in the 69th AD: (possibly one County Committee member)
  • Nomination uncontested; candidate not on the ballot; NYS Attorney General Letitia James
  • Nomination uncontested; candidates not on the ballot if you vote in the 69th AD: NYS Assembly Member Daniel O’Donnell, Democratic State Committee members, Judicial Delegates, nearly all County Committee candidates

August 23 Primary
  • Petitioning period: probably late May through June
  • Last day to register: July 29 (tent.)
  • Early voting: Saturday, Aug. 13 – Sunday, Aug. 21 
  • Candidates on the ballot: US Congress member (endorsed: Jerrold Nadler, Adriano Espaillat); NY State Senator (endorsed: Cordell Cleare, Robert Jackson)

Attention Three Parks volunteers: We will need to gather petition signatures in advance of the August 23 primary, most likely from late May through June. (The validity of the signatures previously gathered will have expired.) Petitioning will thus overlap with campaigning ahead of the June 28 primary. It is going to be a busy summer! 
Get Your Absentee Ballot!

You may vote by absentee ballot if you:
  • will be out of town for either or both of this summer's two primary elections
  • are physically unable to go to the polls
  • are affected by Covid-19 and/or the potential of contracting the virus. Please check the box for “Temporary Illness” on the application. 

The last day to apply for an absentee ballot is
  • June 13 for the June 28 Primary
  • July 29 (tent.) for the August 23 primary
To download an absentee ballot application, click here.
TPID-Endorsed Primary Candidates
Here is the list of candidates that Three Parks has endorsed for the June 28 and August 23 primaries.
June 28 Primary

New York State Offices
Kathy Hochul, Governor
Letitia James, Attorney General

Thomas DiNapoli, Comptroller
Daniel O'Donnell, Assembly Dist. 69
New York Democratic State Committee
Lynn Thomas
Daniel Marks Cohen
Manhattan Judicial Delegates
Alan Flacks
Alfred Placeres
Audrey Isaacs
Aaron Mendelsohn
Josh Pepper
Lauren Williams
Alternate Delegates
Merle McEldowney
Bruce Markens
Elaine Hazzard
Doug Whelan
Robert Bardin
Stephanie Tegnazian
August 23 Primary
TPID Board Resolution on endorsements
On April 27, the TPID Board passed the following resolution:

If after new district lines are determined, the candidates representing theThree Parks area remain the same,
Three Parks endorsements will stand.
United States Congress
Jerrold Nadler
NY 10th District
Adriano Espaillat
NY 13th District
New York State Senate
Cordell Cleare, Senate Dist. 30
Robert Jackson, Senate Dist. 31

Save the Date!
Three Parks Independent Democrats
Annual Event
celebrating 47 years of championing progressive causes and city, state, and national Democratic leaders

Sunday, May 22
5:00 – 6:00 PM 
Join the event on Zoom from your computer,
tablet or smartphone.  Watch your email
for log-in and dial-in instructions

Ted Weiss Public Service Award
Hon. Jamie Raskin
US Congress Member MD-8
In recognition of his service as a member of the House Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the US Capitol
Jesse Crawford Community Service Award
West Side Federation for Senior and Supportive Housing (WSFSSH)
For providing housing and other essential services to so many vulnerable members of our community
This year's event will be underwritten by, and held in support of, the Three Parks Independent Democrats Campaign Committee, which supports the campaigns of progressive candidates endorsed by Three Parks at the neighborhood, city, and state level. With so many important state-level races this year, as well as ongoing challenges to our local party office holders, your support is more critical than ever.

NOTE: All donations for this event are payable to Three Parks Independent Democrats Campaign Committee.

To make a donation by credit card, please click here.
Or paste this link into your browser: 

You may also donate by check payable to Three Parks Independent Democrats Campaign Committee. Watch your email for detailed instructions and mailing address.

Please note that contributions are not tax-deductible.
The NYC Budget Solution: Tax Millionaires' Wealth
By Steve Max

Mayor Adams’ latest budget proposals outlined this week in his State of the City Address were certainly an improvement over earlier versions and showed some response to criticism coming from the City Council. Still, critics were alarmed by cuts in education, inadequate increases in affordable housing construction, repair funds for NYCHA buildings and City work force reductions among other items.  

Meanwhile, the Mayor, in collusion with some of the municipal unions, is pressing a plan, of dubious legality, to cut the contractual health care benefits of 250,000 retired city workers. The details of all this will be hashed out in the coming weeks, but one thing is certain: there is not enough money, there never is, and never will be under the current tax system. 

New York State voters, even Republicans, favor a more equitable tax system where millionaires and billionaires pay at the same rate as working people. 
One of the arguments against taxing the rich has been that they will move out of  the State, leaving us no better off and perhaps worse. This appears to be untrue.

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Three Parks Club Meeting

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