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Midterm Election Dates to Know

It's the Home Stretch for This Year's Midterm Campaigns

Our Nonstop Election Campaign Season

Special: Some Facts on NYS Bail Reform: How Zeldin and the Republicans Are Misleading Voters

Special: Why the US Needs Migrants

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Wednesday, November 9, 2022, at 8:00 pm
Where Do We Go From Here?

NYS Sen. Brad Hoylman
District 47 (Upper West Side, Manhattan)
Lincoln Mitchell
Political analyst, pundit and writer.
Frequent contributor to CNN Opinion, NBC News, and the
San Francisco Examiner

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Speaker: NYS Sen. Brad Hoylman
Questions and Answers
Speaker: Lincoln Mitchell
Questions and Answers
District Leader Report
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President's Report
By Lorraine Zamora

As the saying goes, “It Takes a Family.”
Three Parks has been practicing doing things as a family—a political family—since its founding in 1975. In our campaign activities, we join together enthusiastically to support progressive causes and candidates, and that’s how the club has grown to over 200 active members.
This fall has been no different. I want to thank the board members who volunteered to coordinate, lead and participate in campaign activities to help progressive Democrats win on Election Day, here on the Upper West Side and in nearby swing areas. They include: Lynn and Steve Max, Chuck Wall, Mary Ann Marks, Wendy Diller, Miriam Rabban, Irene Shrier, Daniel Tsadok, Ellen Flax, Cynthia Doty, Corinne Constantine, Daniele Gerard, David Lazarus, Lois Safian and Tim Eckersley, not to mention the many club members who showed up to lend a hand.
As a result of their efforts:
  • 118 club members and friends wrote a whopping 3,521 postcards to promote Democratic Congressional candidate Robert Zimmerman in Nassau County.
  • Teams of volunteers made four weekend trips to Long Island to canvass for Zimmerman.
[ ... ]

Midterm Election Dates to Know
  • Last day to apply in person for an absentee ballot: Nov. 7
  • Early Voting runs through Nov. 6
  • Election day: Nov. 8
  • Polls on Election Day open 6:00 AM to 9:00 PM.
  • To find your poll site, go to Vote.nyc
It’s the Home Stretch for This Year’s Midterm Campaigns!
It’s the final week of the campaign season for Three Parks members and friends! As the calendar turns to November, we have just a few more days to make a final push and to get out the vote. Here Is a list of our activities for the final week leading up to Election Day:

Volunteer Opportunities From Now to Election Day

  • Tues. Nov. 1: Campaign for Max Rose, Dem. candidate for Congress, Staten Island Ferry Terminal, 4:30--6:00 PM. Contact: Irene Shrier, ireneshrr@aol.com
  • Tues. Nov. 1 and Thurs. Nov. 3: Sidewalk tabling at the W. 96th St. & B'way subway station, 8:00 -- 9:00 AM. Contact: Chuck Wall, chuckwall07@gmail.com
  • Sat. Nov. 5: Canvass for Max Rose, Democratic candidate for Congress, on Staten Island. Meet-up at 10:00 AM Saturday morning, 96th St./Broadway subway station. Contact: Wendy Diller, wldiller@yahoo.com
  • Sat. Nov. 5 and Sun. Nov. 6: Sidewalk tabling at W. 104th St. and B'way, 1:00--3:00 PM. Contact: Lorraine Zamora, lzamora245@gmail.com
PLUS: Swing Left is organizing free or very inexpensive bus trips to areas where Three Parks has already canvassed. Click on the links below for more information.

Sat. Nov. 5, Long Island or Pennsylvania: Canvass on Long Island for Dem. Congressional candidate Robert Zimmerman (LI) OR canvass for Dem. candidates in PA. Click Here.

Sat. Nov. 5 and Sun. Nov. 6, Hudson Valley NY: Canvass for Dem. Congressional candidate Josh Riley. Click Here.
Our Nonstop Election Campaign Season!
In this General Election season, Three Parks members have been actively campaigning for Democratic candidates in our own Manhattan district and also in neighboring areas, particularly those considered "swing" districts where the results may determine control of Congress.
POSTCARDS TO VOTERS: (above) Thank you to all the Three Parks volunteers who wrote postcards to Long Island voters to support Democratic Congressional candidate Robert Zimmerman. Here, Lynn and Steve Max deliver the first batch to Tara Herman of Zimmerman's campaign staff, with more cards to follow.
Postcards By the Numbers
Total Number of Cards Written and Sent: 3,521
Total Number of Postcard Writers: 118
CANVASSING ON LONG ISLAND FOR ROBERT ZIMMERMAN: Three Parks members made four weekend trips to Nassau County, Long Island, to canvass for Robert Zimmerman, Democratic candidate for Congress. (above) In this photo, Zimmerman (second from left) greets Three Parks canvassers as they set off to campaign door-to-door for him and also for NYS Senate candidate Anna Kaplan.
SIDEWALK CAMPAIGNING AT W. 104th STREET: (above) Every Saturday and Sunday, Three Parks members campaign at a sidewalk table on Broadway at W.104th St. (sometimes, as here, under scaffolding to shelter from the rain), reaching out to our neighbors with candidate literature and voting information. We have also had similar sidewalk campaign tables every Tuesday and Thursday morning at the Broadway and W. 96th Street subway station.
CANVASSING IN PENNSYLVANIA FOR SUSAN WILD: (above) Three Parks volunteers traveled in two cars to Allentown PA to knock on doors for Democratic Congressional candidate Susan Wild, who is running for reelection in a swing district.
CAMPAIGNING AT THE FERRY TERMINAL FOR MAX ROSE: (above) On the past four Tuesdays, TPID members and friends have been at the Staten Island Ferry Terminal to support the campaign of Max Rose, Democratic candidate for Congress in New York City's only swing district. We have been distributing literature, holding signs, and talking to commuters on their way to Staten Island. The response has been mainly positive, with many people thanking us for being there. However, Staten Island is a very conservative borough. Rose's campaign is an uphill fight, but the Rose campaign remains optimistic.
CANVASSING IN THE HUDSON VALLEY FOR JOSH RILEY: (above) Three Parks members and friends traveled to Hudson, NY to canvass for Josh Riley, progressive Democratic Congressional candidate running in a district considered an electoral toss-up.
Some Facts on NYS Bail Reform: How Zeldin and the Republicans are Misleading Voters*

NY Republican gubernatorial candidate Lee Zeldin is putting crime front and center in his campaign. In his ads and speeches, he claims that crime in New York is “out of control,” and that a big reason is Democratic-backed bail reform efforts, which vastly reduced the number of crimes for which a person could be held on bail.
But what are the facts?
In NYC, crime is at decades-long lows. The homicide rate is similar to what it was in 2009, when the city recovering from the 2008 financial crisis. There certainly has been a rash of high-profile incidents, which may have affected the perceptions of younger New Yorkers, who have grown up at a time of historically low crime rates. For NYS up-to-date crime statistics, see NYS’s Open Crime Data Portal.

Bail reform is not causing higher crime rates. Bail reform came at a time when Democratic officials and voters wanted to change what they considered to be a broken criminal justice system that criminalized poverty. Judges in NYS can now consider only flight risk when determining whether to set bail. For misdemeanors and some non-violent crimes, judges are not allowed to consider a defendant’s threat to public safety. That is because “dangerousness” is a very subjective criteria that has led to imprisoning lots of people for low-level crimes for long periods, before they are even put on trial. Bail reform has led to a substantial reduction in jail incarceration, driven mainly by a decline in pretrial admissions for low-level and non-violent charges. That allows people who would have been held pre-trial to return to their families and jobs while they await trial, keeping families whole and communities safer. [ ... ]

*Footnote & Sources: The information in this article is a compilation of recent articles from newspapers, as well as government and think-tank websites. For more, see the original sources listed at the end of the complete article.
Why the US Needs Migrants
By Steve Max
Cleaning Up the Mess Is there no honor among Republicans? Here we have FL Governor DeSantis stealing migrants from his presidential rival Texas Governor Abbott, and shipping them off to Martha’s Vineyard to gain national headlines. All Abbott could think of was another boring bus trip to New York. Were both men not Republican governors, they would have been arrested for kidnapping long ago.

But events have turned on DeSantis. In the wake of Hurricane Ian, thousands of migrant workers are flocking to Florida to work on the cleanup.

“They’re arriving from New York, from Louisiana, from Houston and Dallas,” says Saket Soni, executive director of the nonprofit Resilience Force, which advocates for thousands of disaster response workers. The group is made up largely of immigrants, many of whom are undocumented, Soni says. Much like migrant workers who follow harvest seasons and travel from farm to farm, Soni says these workers crisscross the US to help clean up and rebuild when disaster strikes.[1] 

DeSantis, of course, is furious. “These are people that are foreigners, they’re illegally in our country, and not only that, they try to loot and ransack in the aftermath of a natural disaster.”[2] He urges Floridians to hire local labor, but there is no adequate supply of local labor willing to shovel mud and replace roofs for the minimum wages out of which they are often cheated. In fact, there is a labor shortage. [ ... ]

[2] Id.
In Memory of Nilda Placeres
Three Parks mourns the loss of Nilda Placeres (née Perez-Carrillo) She is mourned by her son, longtime club member and stalwart activist Alfred Placeres, by his wife Effie, and by other family members including several grandchildren and great-granddaughters. Born in Remedios, Cuba, she was a teacher, small business owner, and an amazing cook. She is remembered by her family as generous, elegant, fun-loving, beautiful, and kind.
The 2022 Judicial Nominating Convention
By Alan Flacks, Judicial Delegate from the 69th A.D. 

The 2022 Democratic Party Judicial Nominating Convention to designate the Democratic Party’s judge candidates for the New York State Supreme Court trial bench to go on the November 8, 2022, General Election ballot in the First Judicial District (Manhattan) was held August 9, 2022, in the Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine. 
This year there were three vacancies for trial Justice of the State Supreme Court. (The three Justices who left the court are Matthew Cooper, who reached the Constitutional retirement age; Judith Gische, who took early retirement; and George Silver, who also left early to do arbitration and mediation work.) 
Sixteen lower court panel-screened judges were nominated, seconded, and gave a short speech about their qualifications, but 13 withdrew their candidacies, realizing even before the evening of the convention that they failed to garner the necessary votes.
The actual convention one might say took place during the week’s run-up to the convention when candidates and their floor managers lobbied the delegates for support. 
The three winners are Sabrina Kraus, Dakota Ramseur, and Lisa Sokoloff, who are unopposed in November. The losing candidates, in alphabetical order, were: Suzanne Adams, Shahabuddeen Ally, Jim Clynes, Denise Dominguez, Althea Drysdale, Lyle Frank, Judy Kim, Gerald Lebovits, Ilana Marcus, Lou Nock, Phaedra Perry, Leslie Stroth, and John Wang.
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