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Special Edition: Convocation
By Vicki Britton, Principal
Dear Beloved Community,

Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year. While this is not the typical start to a year that we are accustomed to or even desire, I am beyond thankful that you are all here with us at Three Points. I know that the LORD is here, as well, and that this is going to be a year full of blessings, even with change and uncertainties. With the need to socially distance, our Three Points Flagpole Convocation is not one that are able to do in person this year, thus, we are bringing it to you all, here!

Rev. Daniel Rogers, our Director of Discipleship recently came to our our Three Points flag courtyard and filmed an address to you all. He also lovingly prays over our community. You can watch it here.

Then, in following tradition, three of our Three Points 6th grade students have written reflections to share with you, expressing their feelings about their past years in our community, recalling fond memories, and even sharing hopes for the new school year.
"Hi, my name is Allyson Rebar, and I am a 6th grader at Three Points this year. Our school means a lot to me. I love Three Points because it is a great community. I have made so many friends and created fond memories during my five years here. A few of the memories include going to the salmon hatchery and raising and releasing our own salmon in fourth grade. Another fond memory was when I was in third grade, and we had a snow day event; it was so much fun. Three Points has helped me grow in so many ways but the biggest one for me is probably learning to trust in God and believe in him as my Heavenly Father. It is hard to believe that I am already in sixth grade. All five years seem to have gone by so fast. Three Points is an amazing community and, when it comes time to leave, I will be really sad, however, I will be equally excited for the next adventure with BCS as a Jr. High student up on our Clyde Hill Campus."
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"Hi, my name is Kason Carta. I have been at BCS since I was in first grade. I love BCS because everyone here goes out of their way to help you. For example, the teachers don’t just tell you the answer and walk away, they help you to get the correct method to solving the equation and then let you do it. This has made it easier to learn and excel in my academics and life. I have made a lot of great friends here, and I have had amazing teachers EVERY SINGLE YEAR. It is difficult to narrow down my favorite memory because I have so many. I will say, one of my favorite memories each year is the Jog-A-Thon because I love hanging out with my friends and running. It’s so fun. A piece of advice is to always accept the teachers help because they will one hundred percent help you get it right and, you will learn so much in the process. Be sure to create new friendships and take on the responsibility of being a leader. Everyone here has the potential to be a leader. I encourage you all to stay at BCS and have a wonderful year. THANK YOU!"
"Hi, my name is Marin Richey. I have been at Three Points Elementary since kindergarten. Over the years of being at BCS, I have always felt like Three Points is a very comfortable and safe environment. It is a place where you can make strong friendships and really connect. I have had so many fun memories here. Some of my favorite are from when I went to Pioneer Farms and Tillicum Village. Pioneer Farms was so interesting learning about their lifestyle and how life back then was for them. Tillicum Village was also so much fun. I enjoyed riding the boat over to the village and learning about the Native American culture. My time at Three Points has helped me be rooted in God’s love, and I feel that I have learned about God at a deeper level. I will never forget all the fun and laughter I have experienced at Three Points."
I close our Three Points Convocation Post with my deep hope for our community this year: May you be filled with the hope and joy that only comes from the LORD as you listen and seek Him first and find gratefulness in each day thus creating a beloved community.
May His favor be upon you and His peace within you,

Vicki Britton

Photos from our 1st Day of School:

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