Three Police Officers Killed By "Unarmed Suspects" in 10 Days
The brutal murders of three law enforcement officers in a 10-day period last month is a sobering reminder that “unarmed suspects” can pose significant danger to police.
Sergeant Chesna responded to a vehicle accident where the driver was vandalizing a home. During his interaction with the suspect, Sergeant Chesna was stuck in the head with a rock. The suspect was able to take Sergeant Chesna’s gun and then shot him multiple times in the head and chest, killing him.
Officer Jobbers-Miller was dispatched to a call of a stolen cell phone. The suspect refused orders and yelled at the officers to shoot him. The suspect took off running and during the foot pursuit, Officer Jobbers-Miller was attacked by the suspect who overpowered him, took his gun out of his holster and executed him.
Trooper Edenhofer responded to reports of a man throwing rocks at passing cars. During a several minute struggle with Trooper Edenhofer and five other law enforcement officers, the suspect wrestled a gun away from one of the six officers and fired several shots killing Trooper Edenhofer.
The Association for Los Angeles Deputy Sheriffs
The Association for Los Angeles Deputy Sheriffs ( ALADS ) is the collective bargaining agent representing more than 7,800 deputy sheriffs and district attorney investigators working in Los Angeles County.