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Not all of us have the time, resources and courage to run for local office. But we all value those in the Green-Rainbow Party who do. We know that without challengers, incumbents don't have to listen, without candidates, what we have to say can be ignored, and without elections, we can't bring about the change in government we so clearly need. 

Here's 3 quick ways to support what you already value: take a moment right now to contribute your money, time, or talents to three Green-Rainbow Party candidates in elections this Fall: Mark Miller, Rick Purcell, TIm Beaudoin. 

 These three candidates are out there every day supporting us, carrying our message, and bringing about change. And every one of them has a real chance to win. Now it's our turn to be part of the change we all want to see. Let's give them our support in every way we can.  

Jill Stein and John Andrews, co-chairs
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Candidate for State Representative, 3rd Berkshire District. 

 Mark Miller is running for State Representative from Pittsfield MA (3rd Berkshire District) in a special election Tuesday, October 18th.  

An election brought about by second Democratic incumbent in a row taking a better paying appointed post in government right after being re-elected.

Mark's platform?
  • a new economy that is secure, local, and green
  • fairer taxes
  • improved, expanded "Medicare for All"
  • clean, open government
  • a budget that really values education at all levels 
Mark won 45 percent of the vote against the incumbent last fall; now, with your help, he is poised to win the seat outright.
RIck Purcell
Candidate for Holyoke City Council, Ward 3

RIck Purcell photo
Elect Rick Purcell
Rick Purcell is running for Ward 3 City Councilor in Holyoke MA in a two-way race for an open-seat this November 8th.

Rick won 33 percent of the vote in his first try for this office 4 years ago; now, following his well-publicized and highly regarded run for Lt. Gov last fall, he too is in a position to win.

A true and relentless voice for the people, Rick is taking on the establishment once again, this time running against the son of a former Massachusetts Speaker of the House. Rick notes, "Time and again on referenda, the people vote one way but the city council votes the other. I'm ready to change that, and give the people an honest voice in their own city."
Tim Beaudoin
Candidate for Worcester City Council

photo of Tim Beaudoin
photo of Tim Beaudoin
Tim Beaudoin is a fresh, homegrown candidate in his first election for City Councilor at Large in Worcester.

Tim  is a passionate educator and former Buddhist monk with a promising campaign. 

Tim's campaign is  focused on (1) developing sustainable, locally-owned businesses providing good green jobs, (2)  promoting ecological awareness and civic engagement in our schools and communities, and  (3) a better quality of life for Worcester residents.  

The primary election is September 20th. Your support is needed now!
One more thing... 

Thanks for being a supporter of the Green-Rainbow Party.  If you'd like to further aid our efforts to build the party, promote and support Green-Rainbow Party candidates, and work towards an environmentally sound, socially just future,  please visit http://www.green-rainbow.org/donate to contribute. 

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Why Your Support Matters

Imagine, just for a moment, state representatives and city councilors like these three speaking out for us on the issues that matter most: good jobs that last; safe, healthy, sustainable communities; thriving, well-funded schools, parks, libraries and health centers.  

Imagine, just for a moment, that instead of just lobbying, we can lead: on green jobs instead of green wash and giveaways, on expanded and enhanced Medicare for All through single payer health care, and on making sure our public tax dollars are actually spent on public services for the benefit of all.  

Imagine, just for a moment, a government that works for us, listens to us, and answers to us.

Electing our own state representatives, city councilors, select board members, and school committee representatives offers us a way to get there, one step at a time. 

Help us take three more steps forward today! Add your voice to theirs. 

Republicrat Convergence: No New Taxes

What heartless conservatives would balance a $1.9 billion state budget shortfall by service cuts to the needy, without any effort to take back the tax favors so long showered upon the rich and well-connected?  

Was it the Tea Party extremists?  The right-wing fringe of the Republican Party?  No. "No new taxes" was this year's pledge by Massachusetts House Speaker Robert DeLeo, leader of the  dominant Democratic Party. And DeLeo's stance was supported by other Democratic legislators -- and by newly reelected Democratic Governor Deval Patrick.    

The 2012 state budget as passed was a disaster for children, students, seniors, the disabled; for families, schools, communities;  for anyone dependent upon state services.   But not everyone is feeling the pain.  

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A Menacing New Washington Machine 

As the smoke clears from the debt ceiling battle in Washington, a menacing new machine has appeared on the skyline of Capital Hill: the new Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction, a virtual guillotine to which New Deal dreams will be ordered to report. 

In fact, the first victims have been largely identified during the past two months of negotiating between President Obama and Speaker Boehner. 

They include senior citizens struggling to survive on Social Security payments, people who can't pay their medical bills without Medicare, and students trying to stay in school while their education debts soar...

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Don't Underestimate This Woman

Up to now the big banks and the real estate speculators seem to have had all the advantages on their side.  They write the foreclosure laws,  pay off the politicians, and use faulty paperwork to kick families out of their homes.  

People protest,  but the politicians refuse to do anything that would really stem the tide of foreclosures.  Whole neighborhoods are scarred by abandoned properties.  Homeless people sleep in the alley behind empty houses.  It is a social calamity and a moral outrage.  

But things are about to change because one woman in Philadelphia is giving people a chance to make a difference with their votes.

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