ZZZZZZZ....  Wake up already! We need to talk about sleep!
This week we're ruminating on the power of getting a good night's sleep. We live in a world that often exalts sleeplessness, celebrating tales of late nights with admiration, and calling 3am emails 'hard work.' It turns out that this attitude means that sleep deprivation often winds up effecting not only the person who missed out on their siesta, but all of those around him/her as well! Though there are still staunch defenders that claim they are fine with just 5 to 6 hours, research and anecdotes together show us that we are cheerier, more productive, and overall perform better when we get our forty winks!
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Arianna Huffington, founder of The Huffington Post, suggests that women sleep their way to the top...literally! In this short, funny, feminist talk, she advocates for the simplest of measures to create more efficiency and better leaders - sleep! Let's stop celebrating exhaustion in the office, and recognize that our bodies work best when given the time to truly relax and recover!
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And wait, there's research around the business case for sleep as well! Without sleep, we have trouble being positive, which brings down perceived charisma and limits seeing solutions. Our tempers are shorter, leading to more unnecessary outbursts. Want some tips to change how you and your organization relate to shut-eye? Check out this HBR article for the why, and the how!
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"Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you."

- Anne Lamott

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