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This Shawn Achor TED Talk tells us that we need to reverse the currently believed formula that success will bring happiness, and instead understand that positivity will lead to success. With a combination of wit, humor and hard facts, he's entertaining and insightful, and definitely a worthwhile watch!

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Are you looking for your purpose in life? Join the club! But this Harvard Business Review article has an interesting take on the subject, suggesting that we can endow everything we do with purpose, and must be flexible in our understanding of just what that means in the first place. It's a quick and interesting read as you contemplate your 'why!'

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"Positivity doesn't just change the contents of your mind...It widens the span of possibilities that you see."

- Barbara Fredrickson

Last week we saw another amazing cohort of positive leaders come through our onsite workshop, and it has us thinking about some of our favorite topics - positive psychology, finding your 'why,' and how to lead a team in their own quest for success and well-being. The pieces presented above highlight some important themes. If you always place happiness on the other side of success, you'll never reach it, because each 'success' we experience just places the bar higher and makes us want more. And how can we go through life assuming that purpose is some mythical beast we are just going to stumble upon, instead of seeing our own role in building it into our work and life?
But, looking forward, we know the path isn't always an easy one. It takes hard work and dedication to keep yourself on track. So look for the positive in the now, and build those multiple sources of purpose in your life! If you need a little guidance along the way, we would love to help!  Our Diploma in Social Innovation is a professional development program designed to help you pursue your passions and still pay the bills. You can join any time - just ask us for more information and we'll get you started!

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