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No matter where you are or what you're doing, Facebook is an important part of the digital landscape. Whether you see liberation in the idea of access for all, or tend more toward seeing 'digital colonialism' in a platform whose algorithms prioritize inflammatory material, this New York Times short video 'How Facebook is Changing Your Internet' is sure to get you thinking.

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iGen, those approaching adolescence by or after 2012, are facing a unique and slightly scary panorama. More comfortable in their bedrooms than out at a party, they are physically safer than their predecessors, but also less likely to date, drive, or go out, and more likely to be psychologically vulnerable. This article is sure to spark discussion and is interesting for all young families.

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"You cannot endow even the best machine with initiative; the jolliest steamroller will not plant flowers.
--  Walter Lippmann, Author
As the end of 2017 approaches, we're thinking about the changing times, and how modernity is shaped by technology and access. No matter where you live or what your life looks like, there is a good chance that you get a lot of your news via a Facebook feed, and that your cell phone plays an important role in scheduling, coordinating and sharing your life. Technological leaps and bounds have opened new worlds for us. You can live in Myanmar but communicate daily with family in India, or watch live video streams of current events halfway around the world. Yet at the same time, perhaps herein also lies a call for prudence - a need to think critically about what information we're receiving and digesting, and how responsibly we're using our newfound digital freedom.
The University for Peace is an international institution, with students and constituents from around the globe, so as we look forward to a brand new year, we choose to focus on the ease and connectivity today's world provides us. In January, we're excited to host more than 40 students from different universities, all coming to Costa Rica for an international field course ! We'll get them off their iphones and out hiking in the mountains for sure! And for those of you that, like us, see how technology can work in your favor, don't forget about our End of Year discount on online courses and the Diploma in Social Innovation! It's the cheapest time of year to take advantage of our programs or to gift a course to a loved one.
We're wishing you and yours the very best for this holiday season. We'll be taking an end of year break ourselves, but see you back for Three Thought Thursday in January 2018!

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