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Have you seen this one yet? It's a short, funny spoof of an interview with a millennial, but it highlights some important generational differences and stereotypes that can make it difficult to navigate across the ages. Whether you identify with it or think it's ridiculous, it's sure to get you think about how the times change!

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This highly informative article from the World Economic Forum talks us through the skills that kids will need for the future based on results from a 'Future of Jobs' report. Perhaps most strikingly, creativity has jumped from #10 to #3! The main take-away? Engage children in positive, playful experiences to help them develop what they need for the future!

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"When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the universe"

- John Muir

It's easy to see the effects of globalization all around us. There isn't a person, group, or culture that hasn't been touched by outside influences. And with these fast-changing times, it's important to reflect upon and understand our differences, challenges, and the opportunities implied by a generation brought up with smart phones and virtual classrooms.
At the UN mandated University for Peace, we are naturally big advocates for the importance of diversity and inclusion. But practically speaking, how does an organization leverage the strengths of an inter-generational workforce?  On June 19, the Centre for Executive Education is partnering with Costa Rica┬┤s Investment Promotion Agency (CINDE), to host a workshop focusing on exactly that topic. It's titled, 'Working Across Cultures and Generations' and is part of our Lead the Change! series. This workshop is already at capacity, but if you're interested in learning more on our approach, just hit reply and we'd be happy to open the conversation!

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