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Fixing problems doesn't make people happy. Great experiences hinge on peak moments. Some of our favorite authors, the Heath brothers, just published a new book, The Power of Moments. This short video pulls out one of the most important themes of the book: People will forget a lot of mediocrity as long as there are some moments that are special, so invest in building peaks!

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They say talk is cheap, but words of solid advice can actually go a long way. Especially in times of transition, we look to the wisdom of those around us for direction and inspiration as we pick a new path. This article shares the 10 best pieces of advice from 2018 commencement speakers -- all the wisdom you need, consolidated in one place.

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"The person with the biggest impact on your education is you"

               - Michelle Obama

In many parts of the world, it's graduation time! As Dan and Chip Heath point out in their new book, the beginning and end of an experience are very important in shaping our memories of that experience, and we often forget the details in the middle. Graduation marks an important ending, and we are happy to share some highlights from a number of recent graduation speeches to inspire you as you shape those important memories.
However, in these fast-changing times in which we live, we need to cultivate the skills to be life-long learners. The Centre's Diploma in Social Innovation provides such an opportunity. With a flexible format that's designed for working professionals, the Diploma lets you prioritize your education and personal growth, and who knows, maybe soon you'll be holding a mini 'graduation' of your own when you get your certificate!

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