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The goal was to bring together nearly 50 leading environmental organizations in Costa Rica and run a 1-day workshop that would help them not only connect, but also develop a process and mindset for innovating internally. We did it! This short video captures the energy of the day. Get ready to put your Spanish skills to the test!

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However big your team is, there is tremendous value to having scheduled, one-on-one meetings with the people you work alongside. But how should you structure these meetings? This article highlights 8 questions to ask during a personal meeting  that can help you stay connected empathetically, the first step of 'Design Thinking.'

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" Doing is the best kind of thinking!"
- Tom Chi, Co-founder of Google X

The mindset of Design Thinking is captured in Tom Chi's quote above - the notion of giving yourself the freedom to experiment, rather than getting stuck in "analysis paralysis". Design Thinking helps people develop the confidence to try out things that are out of their comfort zone and learn from the experience, instead of being stopped by a fear of failure. 

Until recently, the Centre had rarely conducted workshops or trainings in Spanish. Well, we're experimenting too! We ran a 1-day workshop on Design Thinking for leading environmental organizations in Costa Rica (video above), and are also in the midst of delivering a year-long leadership training program for the Inter-American Institute for the Cooperation on Agriculture, both in Spanish. 

So, in case you've always wanted to partner with us, but language has been a barrier, please get in touch! And in case you want to learn more about Design Thinking in English, it's one of the main topics covered in our next online course, Educating in Changing Times: Reflect, Rethink, Rebuild

ยกHasta pronto, amigos! Keep doing!
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