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The United Nations celebrates Zero Discrimination Day on March 1st. Let your voice join the global call for inclusion and increased diversity. Check out this 1-minute free verse by hip hop artist Adian Coker and m ake some noise for #ZeroDiscrimination .

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A focus on diversity isn't just for idealists; there is a real and growing business case for inclusion as well. Turns out that retaining and training a diverse workplace is directly correlated to innovation and growth, driving profit and performance! Still not sold? Check out this short article to learn more about the research!
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" Diversity: the art of thinking independently together.

From the UN's Zero Discrimination Day, coming up on March 1st, to McKinsey & Co's finding that companies that exhibit greater gender and ethnic diversity outperform those that don't, the reasons to put a spotlight on 'Diversity and Inclusion' go from the moral case to the business case.
Here, at the UPEACE Centre for Executive Education, we see ourselves as both conveners and learners about best practices in this critical area. So we are excited about our 'Lead the Change' initiative this March 7th, whereby we are bringing together HR managers from 50 multinational companies in Costa Rica for a program on 'Talent Acquisition and Retention'. We will facilitate a discussion around the challenges in this area as well as run a workshop on Design Thinking as an tool to spark innovative approaches to address this need. As part of our deepening work with corporations, we hope that this will just be one of many personalized workshops we put together to engage and build capacity within the sector.

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