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There are some things that children just seem to excel at without any prompting from adults. This short video is really about making connections -  remembering that 'making friends is easier than eating chocolate.' When you think about education, remember to nurture and treasure the innate qualities children bring into this world, including their openness and love.

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What makes a child original? This interesting  article  examines just this question, starting with the concept that most child over-achievers grow up to be very stable contributors that are good at their jobs, but not necessarily those that are rocking the world with new and original ideas. So what can you do to teach a child to think for themself and stray outside of the pre-prescribed box?
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"Children learn to smile from their parents." 
                                    - Shinichi Suzuki

As part of a university, it probably isn't surprising that we think a lot about education - not just at a higher ed level, but starting with kids. Children absorb so much of what goes on around them. Their wide-eyed innocence helps us remember the importance of opening up and creating new friendships, and at the same time, as adults, we have a responsibility to help them grow and develop in all areas. Sometimes it's hard to remember that your child doesn't have to be a doctor by age 15 to be successful! There are other abilities, like creativity, that can be nurtured as well.
We all know the world around us is changing quickly, and it's hard to know what's best for young people. For those of you that are, like us, in the field of education, it's sometimes hard to find the time, space and inspiration to really step back and reflect, and think about how to innovate to meet the needs of today's generation.
If you struggle with this too, what are you doing next July? Maybe it's time to come to Costa Rica for a week! Plan now for our workshop - Global Education: Cultivating innovation in the classroom. From kindergarten to university teachers, school administrators and those in the informal education sector, it's a chance to up your game. 
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