At the UPEACE Centre for Executive Education, we're gearing up for the first ever Gross Global Happiness event at the end of March. Combining executive education with a conference-style experience, we're convening happiness leaders from around the globe to share their research, insights and approaches to happiness. We'll get out into UPEACE's amazing green space with a forest bathing exercise, and participate in talks and workshops from amazing presenters like Raj Raghunathan, highlighted below. We're excited to dive into both the science and practice of happiness, taking participants on a journey from theory to everyday exercises like mindfulness.
If you aren't busy March 22-24th, join us, and get your happy on!

What we're reading
We know it intuitively - contact with nature slows us down and relaxes us. But with the growth of cities, many people have less contact with green spaces, and new studies are showing that there is a direct association between mental health and access to nature as a child. In both urban and rural environments, more childhood spent close to greenery resulted in a lower risk of mental health problems in adulthood. Read the full NPR article to get the details!
What we're watching:
Globally, happiness is one of our most important goals. Studies show that we value it more than success, knowledge, or material items. Yet, interestingly enough, we repeatedly sacrifice happiness for these very things, to our own detriment. This fascinating TED Talk from our upcoming Gross Global Happiness speaker Raj Raghunathan digs into this question, asking 'If you're smart, why aren't you happy?'
What we're doing:
Take a deep breath in through the nose; exhale through the mouth. Make your next minute count. Click  here for a short breathing exercise to get you centered and invigorated.
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