This week, the UPEACE Centre for Executive Education is excited to be officially launching our newest program, the Global Leadership Diploma (GLD).
We noted amongst our participants the need for a new type of learning program, one that caters to professionals who share our organization's mission of creating a positive impact in the world, but who don't have an entrepreneurial focus. The GLD is specifically designed for those who identify as global citizens and aspire to create change from within their organizations. Sound like you?
Global leaders hail from all different fields, backgrounds, and world views, but they are united in that they see how interconnected the world is, understand that culture, history, and language all play a part in shaping our identities, and want to inspire and unite people toward a collective goal that raises us all up. The selected pieces below provide insights into different perspectives on the topic. Define your personal version of global leadership as you pursue your Diploma! Email us with any questions, or find more information here. 
What we're reading:
In today's interconnected world, every job is global. Your team, partners, or customers probably include individuals with backgrounds different than your own. Navigating these differences is key to global leadership. This HBR article provides some good tips on how to listen, learn, and ask as a basic methodology to acknowledge potential cultural differences, anticipate possible issues, and give a voice to all.
What we're watching:
The World Economic Forum's Global Leadership Fellows program is a leadership incubator designed to develop a new generation of leaders, ones that have global mindsets, focus on environmental and social challenges and can unleash human capital for the betterment of the world. This video captures some interesting interviews with program fellows as they share what they're doing as part of this unique experience. 

What we're looking at:
If you aspire to be a global leader, it's important to acknowledge that there is a lot of ground to cover! The United Nations SDGs offer a helpful framework as you carve a path forward for yourself as a leader. But did you realize that even within the SDGs, you need to be conscious of the lens you're using? This illuminating infographic shows us the importance of gender, and what will happen if equity is left out of any part of the solution.
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