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Studies show that getting a text hits your brain with a dose of dopamine that is downright addictive. So how can you manage your phone at work or at home in a way that doesn't hurt your relationships? This advice comes from leadership guru Simon Sinek, and it just might help you rethink the impression you give off with that phone in your hand.
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And, unfortunately, phones are also proven to make us less productive! Their mere presence, even when turned off, distracts us from what we're doing. This NY Times article gives the background, and a simple, effective tip for controlling your own 'brain drain.'
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Technology is nothing. What's important is that you have a faith in people, that they're basically good and smart, and if you give them tools, they'll do wonderful things with them.

- Steve Jobs
As the year draws to a close, most of us look to connect with our friends and family, and concentrate on the relationships that are so dearly important in life. With the world calling us in so many different directions, it can be hard to do!
In light of concentrating on human connection, this week we're reflecting on technology, specifically on cell phones. They allow for coordination, logistics, and long-distance relationships that were impossible years ago. You can easily video chat with your grandkids halfway around the globe, or know the exact moment a package arrives. But there are some downsides as well - having your phone in your hand may make the person you're talking to feel a little less important, and your productivity at work may be taking a hit. Maybe we all need to just be a little more conscious about how we choose to interact with the latest technologies; we can use them, not abuse them!  T his holiday season, when you're with family and friends, try to be a bit more aware and put down that cell phone when in the company of others! 

All the same, it's okay to recognize what a valuable tool it can. If in your 'you time' you want to grow your skills and resume with a little online learning, we'd love to help! Remember that the End of the Year Special runs through January 15th and offers you big discounts on all of our courses, onsite and online. Maybe it's time to take on the Diploma in Social Innovation !
From the UPEACE Centre for Executive Education, we wish you all a very happy holidays! We'll be back in 2019 with more interesting learning and inspiration!
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