It's already February! How is your year kicking off? 

Positive psychology teaches us that achievement is key to well-being. Whether you are working on New Years' resolutions or on goals for an upcoming project, we know that follow through can be tough . It's easy to feel overwhelmed and stop short - sometimes before we even begin. Look inward and think about your productivity. Focus on micro-progress; break huge, daunting projects into bite-sized pieces that you can accomplish in no time at all!
We know you can do it, but everyone needs a little help sometimes. If you want guidance on setting organizational goals that you can track, check out our online class   Mission Impossible? Measuring Outcomes & Impact, starting April 1st.
What we're reading: 
Procrastination. It has happens to the best of us. There are a million life-hacks to help you be productive, but this one rings true. Setting little goals (call it 'micro-progress') actually tricks your brain into increasing dopamine levels, leaving you happier and, well, more productive! So how will you get started in 2 minutes or less?
What about you? 

Are you productive?  Take this Harvard Business Review self-assessment and get some immediate feedback, as well as some insight into areas for improvement.

Quote we're inspired by:  

"A year from now you will wish you had started today."  

-Karen Lamb

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