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When faced with a challenge, just put on a smile and 'fake it till you make it.' Has anyone heard this advice? Though sometimes this may work, it's easy to forget that vulnerability does  form the strongest bonds. Sometimes the greatest opportunities to grow are the most challenging moments to deal with. This video  shows just how deep this truth can resonate.
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Confidence in...what? Common knowledge today tells us that self-confidence is the key to success as a leader. But, where should this self-regard come from? And how much is too much? This article explains that sometimes concentrating too much on the competence-confidence seesaw may cause us to forget about our strongest asset as a leader: an internal sense of well-being and worth.
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"Our feelings are not there to be cast out or conquered. They're there to be engaged and expressed with imagination and intelligence." 

T.K. Coleman

Sometimes we search for "strong" leaders in life or the workplace. But, are these leaders always the best? In this Three Thought Thursday we take a look at how a "healthy" leadership approach, guided by emotional awareness and empathy, can be more influential than some of the "strongest" leaders. Relaxing our grip on the control-meter and listening to both the emotions of others and our own emotions can help reveal opportunities for deep team/community growth. As summarized by the Harvard Business Review, "Leadership's First Commandment [is]: Know Thyself." But remember that, as with all life, there is always a fine balance.
Not sure where to start your journey towards "healthy" leadership? Consider our Positive Leadership workshop in Costa Rica (Aug. 16th-18th)! This course focuses on human connections - how to see things from other perspectives, and to engage and motivate people through their strengths and passions. Plus, the course counts towards the Social Innovation diploma. Uncover your emotional intelligence, and you'll launch your leadership potential.
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