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Have you been so into the matches that you've missed the 2018 World Cup's Official Song? And just in case you missed the main message reminds us: " One life, live it up, 'cause we got one life. One life, live it up, cause you don't get it twice". So let's get this pumping!
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At the Centre, we don't ask our participants what they are passionate about, because it's a difficult question, and there are better ways to uncover that. But we do love stories of passion and adventure! Here's a short article  about one fan's amazing journey to Russia for the World Cup. Note: We don't advocate some of the methods used by the protagonist!

Quote we're inspired by:  

" If there is one thing in this planet that has the power to bind people it is soccer."

               - Nelson Mandela

At the UPEACE, Centre for Executive Education our productivity goes down every four years during the World Cup, but it's well worth it! For us, it's a celebration of countries from every region of the world coming together for a month of passion, excellence in sport, and unity. 
Many of the emotions and values that the World Cup brings forth are also core to our approach - the notion of one human family and that when people find an alignment between theirs strengths and purpose, there are no limits to what they can achieve. Celebration, excellence, and fun are also core to what we do. Check out our onsite and online offerings this summer - we also offer a celebration of passion, play, and diversity!

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