Do you think our global education systems need a facelift and want to be part of the change? What are you doing next July?
It's not too early to start planning! If you're a teacher, professor, administrator, informal educator, or just dream of having a more positive influence on the education system around you, join us for Global Education: Cultivating Education in the Classroom this July. Come inspired to make a change, and we'll help you leave with an action plan in hand!
Because, you see, these themes all tie together! We can't face Day 1 of class t he same way it's been done for the past 100 years, simply sharing the syllabus and hoping that students care. Technology is raging forward. Borders and barriers between people and countries are fading. The jobs of today didn't even exist 10 years ago. So let's prepare the next generation to face this future! Let's reshape education to tackle what they REALLY need!
What we're reading:
This awesome Chronicle of Higher Education article offers direct, easy-to-implement ideas for planning a first day of class, or otherwise connecting with your audience. It's based around 4 key principles, including spiking curiosity and building community, but with concrete suggestions on everything from scoping out the room beforehand to wardrobe, most anyone can snag good tips!
What we're watching:
If you haven't seen this short, inspirational clip about the changing face of education, you must! Guaranteed to make you think about how much the world is changing, and to remind you that we need to keep up! The world looks nothing like it did 100 years ago, so why are our schools still virtually the same?
What we're inspired by:

"Good teachers teach.
Great teachers transform." 

Queen Rania of Jordan
The Centre's Team
UPEACE Centre for Executive Education 
University for Peace, established by the General Assembly of the United Nations

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