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At the Centre, we love conceptual frameworks, and we encourage participants to develop one that's meaningful to them, building on something they've been inspired by. So, check out  this throwback to Jim Collins' hedgehog concept, one that you might hear about if you spend some time with us. Do you tend more towards the fox or hedgehog way of thinking?
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"What does the future of higher education look like?" Every year, Ashoka U hosts a large, international event to convene professionals in the sector to address that very question. This short blog piece, 'Educating in a fast-changing world,' by the Centre's Founding Director gives a glimpse of some of his reflections from the recently concluded conference.

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"Entrepreneurs are known for their ability to create big, sweeping change. Intrapreneurs are no different; they test and build new ideas to achieve large-scale change within organizations. They also exhibit a deep resilience, persistence and belief in success in spite of all odds and obstacles they face".

-- Marina Kim, Co-founder of Ashoka U
There are two important questions we always ask our course participants: "What worked well for you today?" and "What would have made the day even better?" Based on their feedback, we make changes, never offering the same course twice. The next iteration may only vary a small amount from the last time, but those small changes add up, and over the course of a few years, the course will be markedly different.
The field of Social Innovation Education has also evolved tremendously. It's moved from a focus on empowering individual social entrepreneurs to helping develop the skills and mindset of a generation of social impact leaders. At the recently concluded Ashoka U Exchange, we were glad to note a real emphasis on the importance of well-being.
At the Centre, our upcoming courses have a variety of titles - Global Education: Cultivating innovation in the classroomPositive Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Social Change, Regenerative Leadership and Global Entrepreneurship and Innovation.  They all reflect the belief that changemakers need to pay attention to both the environment in which they operate (the outer landscape), and their own well-being (the inner landscape). We hope you will join us in this journey of both inner and outward positive impact!

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