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Jack Ma , Chinese billionaire and, according to Fortune,  2 nd  on the annual list of the 'World's 50 Greatest Leaders,' made a real splash at the Davos World Economic Forum. This video isn't fancy or beautiful, but if you have 2 minutes, his ideas on the future of education are spot on. He encourages an emphasis on independent thinking and soft skills; we cannot teach kids to be smarter than machines, so we need to focus on what makes them human!
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All educators know they want to reach their students in the most potent, powerful way possible, but how do you do it? They walk into the classroom distracted by cell phones and the rushed pace of their day-to-day, so how can you capture their attention and make sure your teaching has impact? This short article has some great tips to get you started, with simple openers to engage your students within the first few minutes of class.

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"Establishing lasting peace is the work of education; all politics can do is keep us out of war.

  -- Maria Montessori
Education - it's obviously a theme we think about a lot at UPEACE. What topics are most important in today's fast-changing world, and how can we ensure that our children are prepared to face a world we cannot even quite imagine, with challenges, opportunities and jobs that we can barely conceptualize? We're with Jack Ma on this one; IQ is only one part of the equation, but we need to be teaching soft skills, and the things that make us uniquely human. And how is it done? Another difficult question! We believe in a dynamic classroom where, beyond mere lectures, students are asked to synthesize and interpret, to work in small groups and teach back to the group, maximizing learning along the way.
Above all, we believe that not only is there room for innovation in education, but that it is imperative. If you feel the same way, consider joining us for a 1-week seminar, Global Education: Cultivating Innovation in the Classroom ,  and grow alongside an amazing cohort of peers as you develop and flush out an education innovation you want to implement.

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