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Renowned astrologist, Carl Sagan, narrates this classic, thought-provoking video clip, putting into perspective our delicate place in this universe. You have to stop an wonder, are we doing all we can to protect this pale, blue dot that we call home?
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Take a look at this invention that tackles the ever pressing issue of potable water. Making use of what is naturally available and the trickle-down effect (no pun intended) that such innovation can trigger - this is an example we must heed.
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" Sustainability takes forever. And that's the point."
    --  William McDonough
This week, we're thinking about the environment and this pool of finite resources, tools, and beauty that all of humanity shares. As Carl Sagan mentions, at this point in time, we have no place else to go. While incredible technological advances may help us start to confront some of our most pressing problems, in a world of single-use, disposable plastics, fossil fuels, climate change and enormous garbage patches in the middle of our oceans, we all need to play a role in keeping our pale, blue dot alive. Get started by learning how to integrate sustainable solutions that respond to challenges in your organization. Our Regenerative Leadership course starts April 3rd!
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