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Mo Gawdat is the Chief Business Officer for Google X and author of the book, Solve for Happy. When his son suddenly died, Mo had to re-evaluate his life and plans going forward. This short video introduces his equation for happiness, based on the tenant that happiness is equal to or greater than the difference between what life gives you and your expectations.
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A journalist created a survey on what gives people purpose and the results were quite surprising. A large number of people, instead of aspiring to move mountains, find meaning in living a small but happy life, in being kind and generous to those around them. This article explores the potential of those microscopic moments to allow for growth and purpose in life.         
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"I think everybody should get rich and famous and do everything they ever dreamed of so they can see that it's not the answer."

               --- Jim Carrey         
This week at the Centre for Executive Education we're hosting a group of Early Childhood Education students from College of the Desert in California. This diverse group of students, ages 21 to 67, are spending their mornings working at local daycare centers, and their afternoons exploring new concepts in education and, of course, this beautiful country. They have us thinking about the importance of the little things in life. They strive to teach children what is important - to show them love and support, help them set their moral compasses, learn life skills and gain the foundations for prosperity. 
But how do you do this? Maybe there is a formula for happiness, as Mo Gawdat says, and they need to learn to balance expectations with reality. Or maybe teaching them to be kind and the type of people we would all like to have as neighbors and family is enough to ensure that they will find purpose in life. In the end, there is no one answer for everyone, but we can all choose to model principles of generosity, inclusion and equity, each doing our own part toward helping future generations and the world as a whole.
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