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Daniel Pink    offers us this powerful 2x2 matrix on parenting adapted from Angela Duckworth. Food for thought for anyone with a family. 
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Mohit's latest blog post 'Three Entrepreneurial Lessons from an Unorthodox Birthday' shares what he was able to garner from a recent trip to the GrowCo business conference.
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" If you create work you are deeply passionate about-because you love to do it and you believe in what it can contribute-the very act of work can become a source of sanctuary and meaning."
- Jim Collins
This July we've been immersed in onsite workshops like Education 2.0: Teaching in fast-changing world and Positive Leadership. Bringing together amazing thought leaders from around the world has left us inspired and invigorated. If you need to work on your own sense of purpose, we would invite you to join our next online course, 'Designing Your Life: Innovating from the Inside Out,' on August 1.

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