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'Today on trial we have modern-day schooling.' It's about time! In this 6-minute clip, poet/rapper Prince Ea tackles the contradiction inherent in a school system that claims to prepare students for the future, yet has barely changed in the past 150 years.          
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Chip and Dan Heath are authors, brothers, and specialists in the field of organizational behavior.   Teaching that Sticks  takes the concept of stickiness - what makes certain concepts stay with us - and applies it to teaching. They put forth great ideas to build lessons that are simple, unexpected, emotional, and are guaranteed to be memorable for students.           
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"Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family."
    -- Kofi Annan
This week we're thinking about education. Working within the university system, perhaps a passion for education is inevitable, but we at the Centre believe that 21 st  century education seems to have fallen behind the times, applying age-old pedagogies and methodologies, when the reality of today's students is so radically different than that of even a decade ago.

Next week we're hosting a group of faculty from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology and the Peruvian University of Applied Sciences to explore this classroom-reality gap, and to work on creating a new and improved model. If you're in the field of education and would like to experience a course like this yourself, our open-enrollment course
Global Education: Cultivating innovation in the classroom  is set to run July 10-14 th at UPEACE in Costa Rica. Come join us!

See you in two weeks for our next Three Thought Thursday! 
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