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This 3-minute, classic TED talk teaches us that 'the 1 st follower transforms a lone nut into a leader,' and other lessons derived from a spontaneous outdoor dance party. Fun and thought-provoking as well!

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With the United Nation's recent decision on a new secretary general, and the US elections on the horizon, the role of women in positions of leadership is on the top of our minds this week. Historically, the picture has been pretty grim, but Fast Company seems to think we have reason to hope for more equality going forward. Check out the latest research on 'the CEO gender gap.'

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"My father had a simple test that helps me measure my own leadership quotient: 'When you are out of the office,' he once asked me, 'does your staff carry on remarkably well without you?'"  -- Martha Peak, AMA magazines
Why such an emphasis on leadership? For sure, the upcoming presidential elections in the United States weigh heavily on our global mind and force us to think about what propels someone to a leadership position, and how it can be done right. Also, the remainder of 2016 is leadership-focused for us here at the UPEACE Centre. If you like the topic, consider exploring it more with us. Our next Positive Leadership workshop  is set to run December 3-5 in Costa Rica, or, if you can't get away, join us online for Regenerative Leadership to learn how to incorporate more sustainability into your organization.

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