With readers and constituents from around the globe, we do our best to offer thoughts and concepts that are geography-free and applicable to all. In light of that, the recent US elections have provoked strong and often aggressive responses on both sides and across continents. This is a global issue, and we have decided to dedicate this week's edition to thinking about the best path forward for everyone (and, of course, of a little tribute to the late, great Leonard Cohen).
What we're watching: 
If you haven't watched Obama's concession speech yet, you should. In light of the discord caused by the US elections, what does he suggest? Unity, support, grace - these are the ways forward.

What we're reading:  
In times of upheaval, perhaps it is best to look toward people that are recognized thought leaders and voices of reason. This short piece by Daniel Goleman in response to the election results reminds us to focus on three specific areas of emotional intelligence to overcome division.
   Quote we're inspired by:   
    "Ring the bells that still can ring 
     Forget your perfect offering
     There is a crack in everything
     That's how the light gets in." 
             -- Leonard Cohen
Thi s week, focus on letting the light in. Be calm. Take deep breaths. Be positive. Look forward,  and see you in two weeks for our next Three Thought Thursday!     
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