January 2019, Issue 2

WAV Group Newsletter
By Victor Lund

To improve a business, it is common to focus on customer expansion, or delivering a wider array of services that your customers will pay for. For the last three years, Multiple Listing Service has been focused on consolidation (more customers) as a way of improving the MLS. Before that, the focus was on non-dues revenue. Three untapped areas for growth where most MLSs have not been successful are rentals, new home marketing, and commercial real estate. These are enormous categories in the real estate industry that have been asymmetrical because of the MLS core basis of cooperation and offer of compensation.
By Marilyn Wilson

Do you want to be the best MLS you can be? Are you interested in what your members and REALTORS® across America have to say about the services and support that MLSs offer?
By David Gumpper

One benefit of being a consultant is the diversity of work. The opportunities to practice technology and business intelligence across multiple industries really exposes you to new experiences. While challenging, basic fundamentals can be applied to any project.