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Three Ways GaHIN Improves Interoperability 

If you have delayed joining GaHIN, or if you work with a provider organization that has yet to join, this is the time to make it happen. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) think that information sharing is so important they want to change the name of the Meaningful Use program to "promoting interoperability" and focus on making it easier for patients to get their health data from providers.
That lofty goal needs to start at the provider level in order to achieve advancements in care quality and cost reduction. GaHIN, the statewide health information exchange (HIE), and the four regional HIEs in Georgia have programs and services to help you get connected. GaHIN offers:
Georgia ConnectedCare - this query-based service allows providers to search for patient data from within their EHR. Large health systems may be able to connect directly to GaHIN, while physician practices are usually best served by connecting through regional HIEs or through their EHR vendor.

GeorgiaDirect - GeorgiaDirect is an email messaging service that lets providers securely send patient health information, such as referrals and reports, to other authorized healthcare professionals. It's free to obtain and use a GeorgiaDirect email address. Providers find that GeorgiaDirect eliminates the administrative burden and costs incurred with phone calls, faxes and couriering paper files.

- with the Georgia Medicaid Management Information System (GAMMIS) connected to GaHIN, healthcare providers who don't have an EHR can use the clinical viewer to access patient information. It's also useful for providers who may want a quick view of patient information without logging into their EHR.

Want to learn more? Visit the GaHIN website to GET CONNECTED.

GaHIN Awards $500,000 in Grants 

GaHIN awarded a total of $500,000 to its members in 2017 to accelerate technology adoption and the electronic exchange of health information. This brings the total disbursed through GaHIN's Intermediary Grant Program to $2.5 million over the past three years.
Intermediaries are hospital-based and regional HIEs that have direct technical interoperable connections to GaHIN. The program is funded by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services,with the Georgia Department of Community Health passing the funds through to GaHIN to develop and execute the program.
"These grants help medical practices throughout Georgia improve the quality of care they deliver while reducing costs by facilitating their ability to access and exchange patient information," said Denise Hines, Executive Director of GaHIN. "We believe that it is critical for providers to be able to view comprehensive patient information, and to be able to share data not just within their local network, but across Georgia and adjoining states."

The View from the Stage - HIMSS18
Dr. Denise Hines , Executive Director of GaHIN, has served as the Chair of the HIMSS North America Board since July 2017. The HIMSS18 Conference was demanding but rewarding for Dr. Hines. Following are a few of her HIMSS highlights:

"There were so many inspiring moments at HIMSS18, beginning with the thought-provoking keynotes and continuing through the wide range of speakers. I particularly enjoyed being a part of the Awards program, which recognized healthcare professionals from around the world who are setting new standards for care quality and innovative uses of technology.

"The globalization of HIMSS and level of diversity was very rewarding, especially when I think back to a decade or so ago, when the attendees were primarily U.S. men. The celebration of diversity, which has been central to my leadership, led to one of my favorite parts of the conference, the Women in HIT event.

"I spoke with a number of people entering the field, who told me they were encouraged - and even thrilled - to see a black female in a leadership position. In fact, that is one of the reasons I chose to dedicate my time to HIMSS.

"It was fascinating to meet with some of the speakers and to have the opportunity to have a fireside chat with Dr. Don Rucker, the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology at ONC, who is a strong supporter of HIEs.

"But one of the biggest thrills for me was being on stage with Magic Johnson, the final keynote speaker. So smart, so pleasant and so tall!"