Now is the time to share your story about how Medicaid funding helps you have the supports you need to live and work in your community!

As you may know, the United States Senate is currently considering over $830 billion in Medicaid cuts as part of the American Health Care Act (AHCA). Cuts to Medicaid means cuts to services that support Oregonians with DD and their families.  Oregon uses Medicaid to pay for DD Services, including K Plan and employment supports.

Oregon's US Senators share our concerns about the AHCA, but they can only be our best advocates if they have your story!  They have made tools and opportunities for you to teach them about how Medicaid supports you.  Even if you have already called their offices, please consider telling your story again via the opportunities below.
Remember, when you tell your story, be brief (two sentences each bullet):
  • How do your Medicaid services (including the K Plan services) help you live and work as a community member? In other words, what does Medicaid help you do?
  • What would your life look like without your support services?

US Senator Ron Wyden will be at Mt. Hood Community College this Sunday, June 11. He needs to hear from the DD Community about how Medicaid supports you to live and work in your community. The town hall starts at 5 p.m. at 26000 SE Stark St. in Gresham. Please arrive 30-60 minutes early to grab a parking spot, or take public transportation.

Please attend and let Senator Wyden know how the Oregonians with DD and their families use Medicaid to be strong members of their communities. 

Consider printing and completing the rally sign (below) that you can hold up at the town hall. To finish the sign, you just need to complete the following sentence: "Medicaid helps me to..."

If you do speak at the town hall, you will only have a minute or two. Please briefly tell what Medicaid helps you do, and what your life will look like without Medicaid. This should only be a few sentences, so pick your most powerful points.


Both of Oregon's US Senators have web forms to collect your story. Please consider telling your story on both these pages. Again, be brief. Think of this as a summary of your story. You should only include a few sentences - so pick your most powerful points you want the Senator to read.


Join advocates across the nation in a PHOTO RALLY to show your support for saving Medicaid!

It's quick and easy to participate!  Start by printing our rally sign: