HEC & Our Partners Push for Safest Possible Coal Ash Cleanup 

Two public meetings this week provided a preview of state and electric utility plans to address the toxic threat from unlined & uncovered coal ash dumps.


Yesterday in an IDEM-organized public hearing, HEC and our partners from the Sierra Club and Hoosier Interfaith Power and Light urged that the state's proposed new coal ash plan and rules be strengthened in order to p rotect:
  • Public health
  • Drinking water supplies
  • Streams and lakes
At stake is a decision whether Indiana's 84 coal ash slurry dumps -- the most of any state -- remain a serious environmental and health risk or are cleaned up and the ash moved to lined, dry landfills.    
Indiana's coal ash dumps are typically unlined and located along rivers or the Lake Michigan shoreline, directly above shallow aquifers that are highly susceptible to contamination. At least 13 Indiana coal ash sites have experienced groundwater contamination or surface spills. 
Take Action: Please send comments to IDEM by June 30th urging the state to adopt a strong and effective coal ash management plan and corresponding rules.   Get up to speed on the issue and how you can comment here.

At a meeting the day before yesterday, Indianapolis Power and Light (IPL) announced a plan to close its coal ash dumps located along the White River by pumping out the water, covering the ash, and leaving it in place. This is very concerning for many reasons:
  • All but one of the eight dumps are unlined and sit just a few feet above a shallow groundwater system that supplies drinking water wells less than 2 miles away.
  • IPL's proposed Harding Street station closure plan revealed that groundwater contamination -- including high levels of arsenic, boron, and molybdenum -- is still occurring under the lagoons, per new water sampling.
  • No evidence was provided to reassure Southside residents that IPL's plan will stop the contamination, protect water supplies for nearby homes, or keep coal ash pollutants from entering the White River.

Take ActionTell IPL's CEO to clean up their dangerous coal ash lagoons! Follow developments at Harding Street on Facebook or at indianacoalash.org.


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Donor Spotlight: Rosemary Spalding

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