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ISSUE NO. 6-2016 / APRIL 1, 2016 
For people who care about the environment as much as you and I do, there's no month to be more enthused about than April -- Earth Month!   It's a time of bloom, of warming weather, and of opportunities to encourage family and friends to get involved in protecting our air, land, and water.

As Hoosiers across Indiana kick-off Earth Month, we have three suggestions!

1. Celebrate a Historic Environmental Victory by Giving to HEC

Special interest lobbyists and ideologically-driven lawmakers pushed hard to try to pass a dangerous bill that would have seriously weakened the power of Indiana's taxpayer-funded environmental experts to protect your air and water. But HEC, undaunted, led the effort to bring together a combined twenty different public interest organizations to inform the public about the dangers of this legislation.  Against tremendous odds, the public interest voice prevailed: Governor Mike Pence, for the first time in his tenure as Governor, vetoed an anti-environmental bill.  The amount of HEC's time that was involved in legal & technical analysis, coalition-building, and informing the public & lawmakers about the dangers of this proposed policy was immense, and it is supporters like you who make such important policy educational work possible.

What You Can Do Give to HEC in April, and your gift will be doubled!

2. Come to "Catwalk and Carnival for Clean Water" on Sunday, April 10th

HEC has two big events each year - Greening the Statehouse in November, and Catwalk for Water in April. This year, Catwalk will take on a new form... it will be an outdoors, very family friendly event held at the amazing Paramount School of Excellence, an environmental-themed school that has a wind turbine, an EcoRoom, and an urban farm, complete with a garden, bees, dairy goats and chickens! There will be carnival games and prizes for all ages, plus food from Duos Indy, Pogue's Run Grocer and Nicey Treat, a learning/petting zoo, music from Mix 105 Indy and - of course - a catwalk.

What You Can DoGet your tickets today and 100% of the proceeds will support HEC's water programs.

A scene from Earth Day Indiana. 
Source:  Indiana Living Green .
3. Mark Your Calendar for Earth Month Events across Indiana
Whatever part of the state that you live in, there is likely an Earth Month event for you. 

What You Can Do: Be sure to check out our calendar for a growing list of events, several of which HEC will be tabling at, and try to get some of those events on your calendar!   (And if we're missing an Earth Month event, write us at comments@hecweb.org and we'll add it!)  

Best wishes this Earth Month!

JK renewal signature
Jesse Kharbanda
Executive Director
Hoosier Environmental Council

P.S. Don't forget to give to HEC : your gift will be doubled this month!

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