November 2018, Issue 2

WAV Group Newsletter
By Marilyn Wilson

Real estate is a service business. REALTORS® are service professionals. Are MLSs doing what it takes to support their subscribers with the service needed to help every agent and broker deliver the best service they can to the homebuyers and sellers?   With today’s new MLS of Choice environment, REALTORS® DO have a choice about what MLS to work with. It’s time to take a serious look at the norms of service quality for MLSs today.
By Marilyn Wilson

What does the business of your dreams look like? What if we told you it was attainable? What if it was easy to attain - with a little help? 
By Kevin Hawkins

For years, I have strenuously maintained that when I fly West, especially to Hawaii from the West Coast, I never have been jet lagged. But when I fly to Europe from Seattle, if I don’t follow all the jet lag management tactics I’ve learned over the years, I’ll pay the price. Many fellow business and active leisure travelers told me I was nuts.