Dear friends,

This is the final email of our Online Sunday School series.

(And, as previously noted, this ends my time as your Children and Youth Program Coordinator, so I can care for my mum.)

I hope you've enjoyed our online lessons. It's been fun to write them - and I've learned a lot! I cherish the time I have spent with our children, teachers, and friends. Warm thanks to everyone!

I'm sending prayers always for your health and well-being, peace, and joy!
- Love, Linda

Sunday, May 30, 2021
´╗┐is the first Sunday after Pentecost:
Trinity Sunday

The church color for this Sunday is white;
afterwards, it's green - for many, many weeks!

God = Father - Son - Holy Spirit!
The Trinity is about three amazing things that are separate but together, always. Three things that make one thing!
What do you think about that?

Here are symbols for each part of the Trinity:

  • Father (Parent, Creator) = crown, such as a leader or ruler might wear.
  • Son = a lamb. Jesus is sometimes shown as a lamb - and he is sometimes shown as the shepherd! A lamb would be sacrificed for peoples' sins.
  • Holy Spirit = a dove - in the Bible, a dove comes down when Jesus is baptized. Why might we think of the Spirit as a bird?

What symbols might you choose for Creator, Jesus, and Spirit?

What would make good symbols for yourself, and your family and friends?

How can three things also be one thing?
There are lots of other three-in-one symbols.
Can you think of some?
For instance, the Trinity could be thought of like:

Which do you like best? Why?
A crown to wear, humbly & proudly.
This adorable lamb is also a handy bookmark.

Make a whole flock, and surprise someone special with one!
Craft a dove and ponder the gifts of the Holy Spirit!
Celebrate Trinity Sunday: bake Trinity muffins, yum. (Three balls of tasty dough equal one wonderful muffin!)
And here is a Godly Play lesson on the mystery of the Trinity: watch, listen and wonder!