Three new intersection improvement projects going out to bid
Montgomery County Commissioners Court approved advertising for bids for three intersection improvement/signalization projects:

Grogan's Mill Road at South Millbend Drive

Project scope: This project will create additional turn-lane storage by constructing a second left-turn lane for traffic on:

  • Northbound Grogan’s Mill turning onto westbound South Millbend

  • Southbound Grogan’s Mill turning onto eastbound South Millbend

  • Eastbound South Millbend turning onto northbound Grogan’s Mill

In addition, right-turn lane access from westbound South Millbend onto northbound Grogan’s Mill will be improved.

Signal locations have been redesigned for this project, which will include concrete median removal as well as additional pavement. The project will require rerouting some intersection traffic during the project.
Signalization of the Cochran's Crossing Drive at Bay Branch intersection

Project scope: This signalized intersection design will be similar to Branch Crossing at Terramont. It will include a right-turn lane from southbound Cochran’s Crossing onto Bay Branch, as well as a left-turn lane from northbound Cochran’s Crossing onto Bay Branch.
Signalization of the New Trails Drive at Technology Forest intersection

Project scope: Signalizing the intersection of New Trails Drive at Technology Forest Boulevard
Road Project Updates
Woodlands Parkway/Robinson Road at I-45 Project

Project scope: This project improves signalization and traffic movement entering and exiting the I-45 frontage roads at Woodlands Parkway and Robinson Road. It includes the reconfiguration of the cloverleaf at the I-45 frontage roads and addition of traffic signals. Robinson Road also will be widened to four lanes from 350 feet west of the intersection with Patsy/Westwood roads to 550 feet east of the intersection.
The project started in March and is expected to be completed by early fall.

Current work: The traffic signals on the east and west side of the bridge over I-45 are now operating. This has signified the change in traffic patterns for motorists exiting and entering the northbound and southbound frontage roads of Interstate 45.

Major traffic pattern changes with the signalized intersections:

  • Eastbound traffic heading toward Oak Ridge North on east side of I-45 turns left at signal to access northbound I-45 frontage road.

  • Westbound traffic heading toward The Woodlands on the west side of I-45 turns left at signal to access southbound I-45 frontage road.

  • Northbound traffic on I-45 frontage road turns right before the bridge to access Woodlands Parkway and Robinson Road.

  • Southbound traffic on I-45 frontage road turns right before the bridge to access Robinson Road and Woodlands Parkway.

The permanent signals at Robinson Road-Patsy Lane/Westwood Drive also are operating.

Contractor Main Lane will continue working on the widening of Robinson Road west of Patsy Lane heading toward the I-45 access. In addition, the contractor continues to remove pavement along the northbound and southbound frontage road by the I-45 bridge while adding pavement on the northwest and southeast access roads off of the frontage road. 
Lake Woodlands Widening Project

Project scope: The project calls for the widening of Lake Woodlands Drive from Interstate 45 to Six Pines, including an additional through lane in each direction and improved turn lane movements at intersections.

The project started in April and is expected to be completed by late summer or early fall.
Current Work: All pavement work has been completed. Signal work continues, and striping and painting have started.
Updated COVID-19 Graphics as of 3 p.m. on 7/15

In the past, the Montgomery County Public Health District would report lab-confirmed positive cases after initiating their contact investigation. A contact investigation is launched on all cases reported to the PHD from healthcare providers, testing centers etc. During the course of a contact investigation, the investigator gathers more than just the preliminary information which they receive on a laboratory report which is the patient’s age and address. The investigator also contacts all individuals that the patient recalls coming into contact with in prior days, meaning sometimes, they must contact over 100 individuals.

Given the extensive and time-consuming amount of work that goes into a contact investigation, a large backlog of positive cases has been created. We became aware of this problem just yesterday and moving forward we have decided to begin reporting all positive cases received from healthcare providers before a contact investigation is launched. Today’s numbers reflect a large spike due to the disclosing of all known positive cases, which are lab-confirmed, in the PHD’s backlog.

We are often asked, do positive tests include rapid tests, antibody tests and PCRs? Or just positive PCRs? If it includes antibody tests- is it IGM, IGG or both?

Montgomery County Public Health District only reports lab-confirmed COVID-19 that are done by PCR, RNA, NAA, or Molecule testing. No antigen, antibody tests are mixed into our case counts. Rapid, antigen, antibody tests are not accurate enough and provide many false positives as well as false negatives to be considered for public health to use. IgG/IgM are not used either because of the same reasons.
Precinct 3 crews hard at work!
Between June 10 and July 14, Precinct 3 crews have received and completed 467 work orders. These are your tax dollars hard at work.

Not only can you now use the P3 Works mobile application to submit a work order, but we have created an online desktop version as well that you can access straight from your desktop PC. Click the link below to submit a work order today!
Download the P3 Works app today!
The application provides residents in Montgomery County Precinct 3 the opportunity to report issues 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to the precinct directly from their mobile device (phone, tablet) or PC. P3 Works will keep you connected through real-time updates provided by Precinct 3 staff regarding your request and allow you to follow your request from the initial submission to completion.

We also can send push notifications during emergencies such as high-water locations and road closures. Through this app, you can report concerns including potholes, traffic signal malfunctions and a host of other issues. Submit a work order to Precinct 3 today or even contact us with a question through the app in just seconds!

Download the app now:

Striping improvements
Precinct 3 continues to restripe roads.

Recent restriping projects included:

  • Glen Loch Drive (From South Panther Creek to end of Glen Loch Drive)

  • Robinson Road (from Hanna Road to Imperial Oaks Boulevard)

  •  Hanna/Richards Road (from Rayford Road to Robinson Road)

  •  Lake Robbins Drive (From Grogan’s Mill Road to Interstate 45)

  • Woodloch Forest Drive (from Woodlands Parkway to Mall Ring Road)

  • Timberloch Place (from Grogan’s Mill Road to I-45)

  • Greenbridge Drive (From Research Forest Drive to the bridge)

  • Flintridge Drive (From South Panther Creek to Woodlands Parkway)

  •  Kuykendahl Road (From Lake Woodlands Drive to Bay Branch Drive)
Crack seal projects
Ongoing crack seal projects:

  • South Panther Creek (south of Woodlands Parkway) – In progress

  • East Panther Creek (from Woodlands Parkway to Lake Woodlands) – In progress

More striping, crack seal and asphalt road repair/overlay projects across the precinct will continue.
Precinct 3
Precinct 3 Projects
Now on the Precinct 3 website, you can see the breakdown of every road bond project, including the estimated cost, engineering firm and progress. We also added information for other major projects and road improvements, such as striping.
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