Wishing you and yours a Happy Christmas and Healthy 2017!


Our 2016 season is in the history books.  We feel so fortunate to be able to share the wilderness of Northwestern Ontario with so many avid outdoors people.  We cannot run a business like this alone and we thank our chief pilot Randy, pilots Tim and Liz, Joe at Seseganaga, Ted at Metionga and Braden in Ignace for moving you safely and exceeding expectations. 
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As usual in our part of the world, weather kept us guessing all season long.  In early April we thought ice would never leave, then suddenly by late April it was gone!  This, we thought, would give us plenty of time to get camps ready for opener, but it was not to be so.  Cold wet, and windy days greeted us this spring and we were pulling out all the stops to be ready for our first guests.  By late May we were concerned about forest fires.  Then in mid- summer the rains and winds came.  But by all reports, quantity and quality of the fish were not a problem.
Irene 2 dock
Ice had performed a number on our docks at Flindt and Hilltop Lakes w hich  necessitated a change of plans.  We reconstructed the Flindt dock and removed the crib d ock at Hilltop to install a roll-in dock.  As the summer progressed, while in dock mode, we built and installed to new floating docks at Metionga Lake to help facilitate aircraft docking with the fluctuating water levels. Water levels declined quickly in August which allowed us to redo the dock at our Irene Lake point cabin.
Behind the scenes photos
As usual, working on the little things between groups kept our crews busy.  Boats at Metionga Lake were tightened up, painting, brush clearing and general maintenance were done.  The front deck of the sauna at Irene Lake was repaired.  In the fall we managed to get a new metal roof on the cabin at Hilltop Lake.  We ran out of time to get metal on the roof of cabin 3 on Seseganaga Lake but the material is at the lake and our plans (as feeble as they are) will have the new roof on early in the spring. 

Work for 2017 has already began. The Beaver is getting an overhauled engine and propeller for next season, the Otter is in the shop, as I type, having its winter and annual work done.  We are planning our show circuit.  Stop by to say hi if we are in your area.
It is hard to believe, with this dream job of ours, but this is the second summer in a row that Karen and I did not once get a line in the water to do any research and development on the lakes. I assure you it will not happen again. Friends and guests however, who did fly into our lakes had a phenomenal fishing experience.  If yours was, please post a review on  Facebook  or  GooglePlaces for us.

Once again, this season we had many fish entered into the Ontario fish registry for size.  We have not heard yet how our anglers fared but we have had the largest northern pike caught in Ontario registered by our guests twice in the past.  It seems that all the lakes produced both numbers and size throughout the summer.  Some of this season's fish landed in our photo gallery or Facebook page.

Since each lake is unique, there is really no "best lake".  Many groups change things up just for fun, and some will remain on the same lake, same date for years.  A second trip is a great way to find a new favourite.  As you think about next summer keep Ignace Outposts in mind and to those who have already booked your 2017 Ignace Outposts trip, we look forward to seeing you.  If you have not yet contacted us to book your trip, we look forward to talking to you and helping you plan your Ignace adventure.  We expect a busy summer so to avoid disappointment on preferred dates, please contact us soon. 

We have held our fishing rates to 2017 and with the strong US dollar, your value for money is excellent. Again we are able to refund non-Canadian Outposts guests half of the government piece of the pie if we have received the required deposit to confirm your trip. 

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Have a great Christmas Season and a Happy and Prosperous New Year. 
Keep your sticks on the ice and we look forward to seeing you in 2017. 

Brad & Karen Greaves
166 Lakeshore Dr., Box 244
Ignace, ON, P0T 1T0 Canada