Integrated Care Centered on You
Individual, Children, Family & Couples Therapy
We truly care about your wellbeing and strive to help you reach happiness and emotional freedom. Therapy helps you as well as the people you care about, and by offering services for individuals, children, families and couples, we can help you and your loved-ones going through difficult times.
Why see a therapist?
Improve your relationships
Therapists can provide you with the tools needed to improve your emotions and behaviors, as well as your relationships. Just image what it would feel like to be emotionally balanced with your spouse, partner, family and friends!
Better overall health
All four parts of you (mental, emotional, physical, spiritual) need your attention and care. All of these aspects work together to make you a whole person. By prioritizing all four aspects of your wellness, you will likely see an improvement in your overall health!

It's only fifty minutes
What if someone told you that you could reach your goal of emotional freedom by setting aside just fifty minutes? By dedicating a little time each week, you could take steps toward achieving balance and happiness.

News About Our Therapists
Our practice is growing and we're excited to have therapists with so many unique skills and specialties. Whether you need therapy for yourself, your children or with your spouse/partner, we have therapists who would love to help!
Mark Wolfe, LCSW
Clinical Director & Couples Therapist
Congratulations to Mark Wolfe, LCSW who was promoted to Clinical Director in our Wilmington office! Mark's leadership skills and willingness to go above and beyond for the team has made a huge difference for both PHW and our clients. With a background in trauma and human sexuality, Mark helps clients suffering from traumatic life experiences, and couples facing relationship issues.

Edeline Elicin, MS
Marriage & Family Therapist
We welcome Edeline Elicin, MS, our newest therapist in our Newark office! Edeline helps people with family and marriage issues, domestic violence, trauma, depression and more. She is an experienced therapist who provides individual, family and couples therapy and is a great extension to our growing team!

Danielle Boyer, MSW
Adults & Children Therapist
Danielle Boyer, MSW from our Milton offices uses a gentle approach to help children open up and build a trusting client-to-therapist relationship. Also passionate about helping women, Danielle specializes in postpartum depression, fertility complications and infant loss. She's compassionate and helps women draw on their own self-determination and strengths to overcome life's difficulties.

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