Bridging ® -Based Options for Calming
Video 1: Introduction and Overview

Watch this video first for insights on the three basic, yet simple movements. Cara discusses them with tips for how to use them, and who should NOT be doing them.

Recent research discussing rocking is here, for those of you who may be interested.
Video 2: The Basic Three and tips for using them with kids

Learn three basic movements and ways to use them to help organize and calm your nervous system, and body. Tips for using playfully with your kids too!
Video 3: Variations for Adults

Variations on the basic movements in Video 2 which you can use for a quick reset, or when you'd rather not be down on the floor.
Video 4: You like to stretch-out instead of curl-up?

For some of you, stretching out is the way to relax. It that's the case, here are some variations on the basic movements from Video 2 which you might find more comforting.
Video 5: Born by C-section?

Yes, 30-35% of you! Depending upon how exactly you were born, there are some variations on the basic movements in Video 2 to make the rocking and rolling movements work better.
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