Three to Know

Monthly Partner Spotlight
Family Bridges
Welcome to EPEL's monthly partner feature. We share about organizations that serve children and families in our community so we have updated information, the resources they offer and a personal contact. If you would like your organization to be a part of Three to Know email me here . Each month an organization will be featured so we can make connections, align services and work strategically to serve more effectively.
Tell us about your organization
F amily Bridges promotes thriving communities by delivering services to strengthen family relationships, while embracing their cultural and spiritual values. We want every child to grow up with a sense of purpose and the desire to be engaged in their community.
We teach:
1.       Communication
2.       Conflict resolution
3.       Commitment

Family Bridges provides research-based workshops and train-the-trainer programs in Spanish and English. Your preschool, day care, community-based or faith-based organization may host an on-site workshop.
1.    Parenting with a Purpose
2.    Social-emotional Learning (ages 4-11)
3.    Leadership Development for Staff
How does the work you do impact our youngest learners birth to 5 years old?
 Children do not live in a vacuum. Their parents’ relationship with each other and their relationship with their child are key to the wellbeing of that child emotionally, physically, and academically. When those relationships are strong and healthy, the child is more resilient in the face of trauma or adversity. 
Something you might not know about our agency...
We come to you! Family Bridges workshops are offered in Spanish and English, at the time and place most convenient for the families you serve. Nights and weekends are fine. 
Family Bridges also has a weekly podcast for parents called  The Struggle is Real available on iTunes, Soundcloud, etc.