Three to Know

Monthly Partner Spotlight
McKinney Vento
Welcome to EPEL's new monthly feature. We will share about organizations that serve children and families in our community. We can never get enough information about the resources that organizations offer and who to contact. If you would like your organization to be a part of Three to Know email me here . Each month an organization will be featured so we can make connections, align services and work strategically to serve more effectively.
Tell us about your organization
The Kane County Regional Office of Education Equal Chance Program Liaison works with all nine Kane County school districts, liaisons, families and students to remove barriers and ensure equal access to school enrollment, attendance and stability for all pre K-12 th grade students. Our services and resources offer a chance of school success for students in homeless situations.  We believe that education is the only solution to break the cycle of poverty.
How does the work you do impact our youngest learners birth to 5 years old?
 Our program and the school district liaisons work with the entire family. When a family is identified, one of the questions the parent is asked if they would like any of their little ones screened or in an early learning program. We then link them to appropriate programming.
Something you might not know about our agency...
The work that we do is guided by the McKinney-Vento Homeless Education Act and Illinois Education for Homeless Children Act.  The law defines homelessness as lacking a fixed, adequate and regular housing and includes families who share housing because they have no resources to have their own housing.