Cultivating Leadership                                                                          March 2016
Three ways to use the collective now for a successful tomorrow
One of the counter-intuitive rules in complexity is: Pay attention to now. Most of us are taught that leadership is about forward planning to try to predict and control what the future brings, which can be a massive waste of time -- or worse -- in a fast-moving and unpredictable world. As leaders align on their five-year-plans, an unknown start-up might be about to skim off their core business, or a sharp change in interest rates might reshape all the assumptions about financing investments.  Complexity requires that we pay attention to the current state of the system, and we look for bright spots (where is the system already going in the direction we want it to go) and weak signals about what the future might be delivering to us. Making use of the collective now can be the difference between success and failure in an unpredictable world.  Click here to find out three ways to make use of the collective now today. 
What we're reading right now

Nonsense: The Power of Not Knowing

by Jamie Holmes

Quote of the week: "We can build an awareness of what we don't know about the future into our approach to the world by crafting methods to react quickly to change rather than trying to predict it. Ambiguity doesn't have to be paralyzing or distasteful. Under the right conditions...embracing uncertainty can in fact provide opportunities to innovate. It can inspire creative solutions, and might even help make us better people." 
Jamie Holmes,  Nonsense

New workshops and old favourites

In the next few months, we're offering a new workshop: Coaching for Complexity, and two advanced Growth Edge workshops Expanding Client Horizons Openly (one in each hemisphere).
  • Coaching for Complexity Jennifer Garvey Berger and Catherine Fitzgerald are facilitating this experimental residential workshop on April 15-17, at the beautiful Presentation Centre in Las Gatos, California. 
    In this experimental workshop, we'll explore two things in parallel:
    1. What do leaders need to do differently to lead in a complex, volatile, and uncertain world?
    2. How do coaches need to coach differently - and thus how do coaches need to be different - in order to support leaders in a complex, volatile and uncertain world?
    If you have a high tolerance for ambiguity and emergence, are intellectually curious, or notice that your life, or your clients' lives are getting more complex than you can handle or simply if you're curious about complexity from both a cognitive and a being  standpoint we'd love to have you join us. See more and register here - only a few places still available.
  • Jennifer is teaching our advanced Growth Edge Coaching workshop Expanding Client Horizons Openly in Wellington, New Zealand in May, and Jennifer and Carolyn are teaching this workshop together in Marriottsville, MD in June. This is probably the only time Jennifer and Carolyn will teach an advanced workshop together this year, so please join us. If you are on the Growth Edge Coaching Certification Pathway you'll find this workshop provides plenty of hands on interviewing practice during and after the workshop.
You'll find all of these workshops and more on our new website. And if you'd like a workshop to come to your location, let us know and we can try to make it work for you.

In addition to these workshops, Jennifer is joining her friends at Mobius Leadership in Boston for a keynote in their Next Practice Institute which will be a fantastic development opportunity for leaders and those who support them.  
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Our books are emerging new forms as well! Look for Simple Habits out in paperback and for Changing on the Job to come out in Chinese (thank you to translator and champion Joey Chan)! Want to be in the draw to win next time? Write us a new review for either of our books and let Diana know--she'll draw a name out of a metaphorical hat before July.

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