Hidden Treasures Thrift Store - We turn gently used items into mission dollars!
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Grant Recipients
Chandler Care CUSD                              $4,000
Grace Lutheran for Homeless                 $3,000
Maricopa Lutheran Church                     $3,000
Holy Trinity-Adventure camp                $3,000
Azcend-I-Help                                        $3,000
Veteran's First Ltd                                  $2,000
Matthew's Crossing                                $4,000
Perfect Place                                           $3,500*
Pregnancy Care Center                           $2,000
Royal Family Kid's Camp                      $1,700
Tempe Community Action Ag.              $1,500
Tempe Union TAPP                               $1,500
AZ Youth Partnership                            $2,500 (Formerly TOPS)
Crossroads Nazarene Camp                   $1,700
Chandler Youth Baseball                       $600
Arizona MSS                                         $500
Total                                                    $37,500

Your shopping, donations and volunteering
make these Grants possible:)
Thank you.
Easter is now all 75% Off.
Our store is run with the support of Volunteers.  If you have a few hours each week that you would like to use constructively, please consider the store!

Most of our volunteers give 4 hours, 1 designated day each week.  But there are other options.  

If volunteering at the store might be of interest to you, please contact the Manager or a Day Manager.
We especially need your consideration over the coming summer months when our Snowbirds have flown the coup!:)  Thank you.

Mission Statement: 
To turn gently used items into dollars to do God's work in our community.