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Thrive by Five & COVID-19

Now with almost all children at home with their parents, providing tools and resources for our youngest citizens to continue growing and thriving is more important than ever. Through our TB5P Connects portal that will launch in May, our focus will be on providing support for parents, many of whom face the difficult task of both working from home full time while raising and educating their children. Moving forward, Thrive by Five will continue to provide information for families, assist and partner with local community organizations to bring our community the latest and most up to date information possible.

Our children hold our futures in their hands. They are our future workforce, our leaders, the people we will look towards for guidance and innovation as we all grow older. Thrive by Five is dedicated to doing everything we can to keep our kids healthy, motivated and ready to take on the world now, and when the pandemic has subsided. Use these resources for families to help navigate the new normal...

Thrive by Five Leadership Update

Thrive by Five would like to thank our Director, Dr. Keesha Benson, for her passion and service to the children and families of Pinellas County. We wish Dr. Benson the best as she moves on to a new endeavor

Thrive by Five is excited to announce that Dr. Bilan Joseph has joined the initiative as the interim Project Manager. Be on the lookout for a greeting from
Dr. Joseph in the June newsletter.
Family Movies at the Royal
The Thrive by Five Family Movies at the Royal Theater is postponed until we can safely gather together again.

We are hopeful to return in June with a screening of Frozen!
Community Spotlight: Childcare Provider Appreciation
We know that all heroes don't wear capes.. .

May 10th is Provider Appreciation Day, the day that we celebrate your commitment to children and their families.

´╗┐Thrive by Five would like to take this moment to thank each and every Childcare Provider for their dedication to children and families.

We would also like to thank Childcare Providers who continue to care for our essential employees' children during these uncertain times.
Article Highlight

Social Emotional Health During a Pandemic

Children are innately social. They look to their peers and families for many things: social norms, how to regulate their feelings, how to ask questions and explore the world around them, and how to deal with stressful events.

During a pandemic, children will look to their immediate caregivers with a stronger sense of urgency. Continue reading to find a few ways in which you can support your young child(ren) during this time:

Upcoming Meetings & Events

Child & Family Success : 5/20 from 9-10:30am

Systems Alignment : 5/21 from 2-3:30pm

Steering Committee Meeting : 5/29 from 9:30-11:00am

Family Movies at the Royal : 5/30 Postponed

Business Engagement Meeting : 6/1 from 1:30 - 3:00pm
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Thrive by Five is a collective impact organization . We rely on community engagement and volunteerism to help inform and guide our work.

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Adopt an early learning center.
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