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December 2013


December, for many experienced as a month of happiness, warmth and family, but others feel the dark and cold of the winter getting near. As a Yogi remember it is all 'in your mind', we make something different from the same outside world, the choice is yours! I choose for candlelight, a nice smell of essential oils and warmth in our studio's, a perfect setting for practicing Yoga. 

Do read the newsletter to know what we offer and when the studio is open / closed during Holidays. We stay open most of the days, with some special classes. Don't miss out our free special Christmas Night (dec. 24th), for Charity!
Transformation Yoga class (free)
December 24th 19:30-21:30

Join this (free) special 2 hour class with Moena & Marco on Christmas Night. 


We will meditate and practice (Yin and Vinyasa) together and finish with a Transformation Fire Ceremony from India. 


Class is on Donation Basis (Charity)

Click here to reserve your spot

Studio Open / Closed Holidays 
We try to stay open as much as possible for those who have some extra time during the Holidays and organise 2 extra yoga classes (dec. 26 & 31) and our special class on dec. 24th. These are dates with changed timings;
Check our online schedule, click on dates below to reserve:

December 5:   open, 20:15 Pilates only Zeeburg
December 24: 19:30 Special (free) Yoga (Moena / Marco)
December 25: closed
December 26: 11:00 Yoga Class (Marco)
December 31: 09:15 Pilates 11:00 Yoga Class (Jo / Marco)
January 1st:    closed
December Discount Massage Gift Cards

A great present for some one you love (incl. yourself). We offer 10% discount on Gift Cards (of any value you like to give). Can be used in december and january for massage bookings. We now have 5 professional therapists, check out  the website or directly book online.
Parent - Child - Yoga Workshop 2
Sunday January 5

As the december 8 workshop is fully booked, we scheduled a 2nd opportunity to enjoy Yoga with your child together, come play! Learn great exercises to practice together at home. 

Come again or for the first time.


11.45 - 13.15 (children 4 t/m 7)

14.00 - 15.30 (children 8 t/m 12) 

Make your reservation

Upcoming Workshops & Retreats and more
Click for more info 

January 19        Partner Yoga Workshop with Moena 

January 24-26   Yoga Shamanism Workshop with Wouter

March 9-12        Yoga Retreat Limburg (zweethut)

May 11-17         Thrive Ibiza Yoga Week! (more info later)


As of Sunday January 12, weekly Meditation class with Cecile (Our teacher Mindfulness training)

New / Old teachers and 2014 schedule
December 22nd, Judit will be leaving us, going home for Hungary. We will miss her professional classes and lovely presence! As per december two beautiful new teachers are joining the thrive team, Mariska (Pilates) and Isis (Yoga). Welcome Mariska and Isis (click links to view profile)
Per January 2014 we may add new classes, let us know what time and what class you think is missing at the moment! Mail us your class suggestions (click).
December Month Focus:     अहिंसा ahiṁsā
Traditionally for December is the focus on 'Ahimsa which means avoiding harm. As Ahimsa is a core value in Yoga philosophy and reminds us of how we take care of ourselves and others around us.


Jo, Hoyte, Moena, Inge, Judit, Karin, Charlotte, Bart, Rowan, Julia, Ola, Arabelle, Cecile, Jose, Howdy, Desiree, Mariska, Isis and Marco
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