Kick MS ® Fundraiser Spotlight: Poker Run for MS
Madeline Spitson was diagnosed with MS in 2014. Wanting to find a way to bring MS awareness to her small community, Madeline started researching fundraising avenues. That's when a friend approached her with the idea of a poker run with his biker group, Iron 7!

With the support of her husband, children, friends, and 13 siblings, Madeline and Iron 7 raised over $5,000 !  

"We are proud of this donation knowing that it is going to help those who are diagnosed with MS (like myself) and their families. This will be an annual event, as we are already planning for next year's ride!" 

Please join us in thanking Madeline, her family, and Iron 7 for all they accomplished to support families living with MS!
Upcoming Webinars
Children With MS
Tuesday, August 13, 2019
8-9:15 pm EST

What do we know about pediatric MS? Join our August webinar to learn about the latest statistics on children with MS, the disease course, and common symptoms. We'll also discuss pediatric MS management, social and academic challenges for kids with MS, and wellness strategies. 
Managing Your Moods
Tuesday, September 10, 2019
8-9:15 pm EST

Mood changes are some of the most common and impactful symptoms of MS. During this webinar, a clinical psychologist and occupational therapist will share their perspectives on mood changes in MS and offer suggestions focusing on relationships, self-care, and daily activities. 
Ask the Can Do Team
"What are the benefits and concerns of a vegan diet for someone with MS?"
Read the answer from dietitian Mona Bostick, RDN, CSO, LDN.
Progression Planning: Managing the Common Challenges of Progressive MS
Living with MS can be daunting, especially when you are dealing with disease progression. Progression can seem less overwhelming when you have a plan. Developing problem-solving strategies and solutions to manage common physical, cognitive, and medical challenges that happen with disease progression can help dispel worries. Read this library article to learn how you can manage the challenges of (and thrive with) progressive MS.
Upcoming Events
Register for a JUMPSTART ® Program Near You
Join us for a free, one-day program to learn strategies to improve your quality of life, meet others in your community living with MS, and find local resources. 
Reno, NV - July 20
Portland, OR - August 10
Boston, MA - August 10
Hallandale, FL - September 14
New Brunswick, NJ - September 28
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The Secondary Progressive MS (SPMS) Webinar Series provides resources, strategies, tools, and support for families trying to understand the impacts of SPMS of their daily lives. Don't miss these last two episodes, where we'll discuss how you and your loved ones CAN thrive emotionally and physically with SPMS.
MS In the News: Cognitive Function Testing
According to an article published in the journal "Cerebrum," up to two-thirds of the people who have MS develop problems with thinking, learning, and memory. Testing can discern which cognitive functions are affected and what forms of rehabilitation might help.
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100% of proceeds support families living with MS.
Start a fundraiser to send families living with MS to
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