MS Path 2 Care Webinar Series Returns With a Focus on Cognitive and Emotional Wellness
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March is Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month! We're partnering with Lokai to empower and raise awareness for families living with MS.

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Ask the Can Do Team
"Does MS put me at a higher risk for contracting coronavirus?
If so, how can I protect myself?"

Read the response from Dr. Ben Thrower, Can Do MS Board Member and Medical Director of the MS Institute at Shepherd Center
Fatigue and Sleep
Tuesday, April 14
8-9:15 pm EST

Trouble sleeping? Waking up feeling less rested than when you fell asleep? Sleep disturbances and fatigue are common symptoms of MS. In th is webinar, we'll share how to recognize if you or a loved one are experiencing these symptoms plus management strategies for sleep problems. 
Tuesday, May 12
8-9:15 pm EST

Learn how how fatigue, cognition, and mood changes can impact your performance in the workplace. A psychologist and a retirement counselor will discuss strategies and resources to help you maintain satisfying employment for as long as you want to stay on the job.
This March, Celebrate Your Support Partners 
Join us in thanking the support partners who help empower and inspire the multiple sclerosis (MS) community! During MS Awareness Month, Can Do MS is excited to celebrate the fifth year of #MySupportHero along with Biogen and other MS organizations – giving those living with MS a special way to show appreciation for the various support partners in their lives, be it family, friends, healthcare professionals, advocacy groups or pets who stand by them.

Recognize your support partner(s) on social media using the #MySupportHero hashtag:
  • Consider posting a photo or short video honoring this special person in your life
  • Share words of appreciation or why you’re grateful for your support heroes in honor of the fifth year of #MySupportHero

Learn more about #MySupportHero, how we’re celebrating support heroes and how you can inspire others to do the same. Visit our website or to access support resources.

Note: Biogen does not have any involvement with content unrelated to #MySupportHero on the Can Do MS website and social media pages.
Striving for Cognitive Wellness
We all have "cognitive moments." Sometimes we forget names or appointments, struggle to find the right word, or feel disorganized and overwhelmed.

But, when you have MS, you may discover that you’re having more trouble with thinking and remembering.

So what's the next step after noticing an increase in cognitive gaps and lapses? Here are a few strategies to keep in mind when striving for cognitive wellness...
Grey Matter: A Strong Indicator of MS Progression
Evolving research shows that the brain’s grey m atter can play a key role in t he progression of multiple sclerosis (MS). For years, white matter was the focus when it came to MS, but researchers now know that changes in grey matter can be associated with a decline in physical and cognitive abilities—and can even help predict
long-term disability.

Learn more at
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