CAN DO ® Program 2020 Dates Announced
Save the date for CAN DO ® 2020! Our renowned four-day program returns to Atlanta, GA, on May 13-16 . Beyond four days of one-on-one consultations, group workshops, and support group sessions, the 2020 program includes six months of follow-up virtual programs, ensuring you have the tools and resources you and your loved ones need to thrive with MS!

Applications are only accepted for 24 hours , beginning December 12 at 12pm EST .
Women Talk About Sensitive Topics
When it comes to MS, there are some things only women understand.  She Talks MS  is a video series by women for women—brought to you by Biogen. Each video brings together women living with MS and expert neurologists to talk about the sensitive yet important topics women face. Topics include family planning, sexual and emotional health, and bowel and bladder function. These videos help give women the tools they need to start a discussion with their healthcare providers.
Upcoming Webinars
Home, Work, and Relationships
Thursday, November 21, 2019
8-9:15 pm EST

MS can disrupt your ability to thrive in your home, work, and relationships. Learn how you can manage potential barriers in these areas of wellness, including tools, adaptations, accommodations, and members of the healthcare team who can assist.
Debunking Diet Myths
Tuesday, December 10, 2019
8-9:15 pm EST

Two renowned experts on MS and nutrition will discuss the science behind several common "diet fads." Explore the latest research linking diet to MS and fact-driven tips to make food choices that can improve your overall health.
Ask the Can Do Team
"My grandson has MS, and I'm constantly worried about preparing him for the future. How do I support him emotionally without being nosy?"

Watch the special video response from Roz Kalb, Ph.D.
Proactively Managing Your MS: In-Person Program
Join us in Phoenix, AZ, on December 7 for a FREE interactive educational event aimed at helping people with MS and their support partners actively manage their disease . This special MS Path 2 Care program will introduce problem-solving approaches that are focused on building a collaborative relationship with your healthcare team. 

There will also be a special workshop just for support partners!
Growing Up With MS: A Three-Part Podcast Series
In this special, three-part podcast series, Channing Barker shares how she navigated her MS while balancing the unique personal and professional challenges of young adult life.

 Tune in on your favorite podcast platform to hear how Channing turned a shocking diagnosis at the age of 16 into a lifetime of hope, possibility, and advocacy. 
Communicating With Family: Tips and Strategies
Sharing information about MS with family members isn’t always easy or straightforward. Different family members want (and need) different kinds of information. How can you lay a strong foundation for communicating with your loved ones? How can you set boundaries and give clear messages about when you need (and don't need) assistance? 

Here are a few tips for building a strategy for communicating with your family about your MS so you can all thrive together. 
A Rider's Reflections on MS Global
Can you believe the power of the bike!? MS Global crushed its goal, raising over $215,000 for families living with MS! Thanks to this team of 44 dedicated riders, more families living with MS will have access to the life-changing programs that only Can Do MS provides.

Beyond empowering others and transforming lives, MS Global riders each covered over 300 miles of hilly terrain in adverse weather conditions.

One of these riders was David Sharpe, who's living with MS. Read his personal story about the MS Global experience and his journey "cycling to the kingdom of wellness."
"The dealer handed me the multiple sclerosis card years ago, and it’s one card you cannot trade."
~ David Sharpe, MS Global Rider
First Descents Announces First Ski Program!
Our friends at First Descents are kicking off 2020 with their first-ever skiing program for young adults living with MS!

J oin them for a week of skiing, fresh powder, and insane mountain views in Crested Butte, Colorado, from Jan 20-26, 2020. This free program is specifically geared toward beginners.

Interested in this awesome adventure?

Register for a JUMPSTART ® Program Near You
Join us for a free, one-day program to learn strategies to improve your quality of life, meet others in your community living with MS, and find local resources. 
Winter Park, FL - January 11
Grand Prairie, TX - March 7
San Antonio, TX - March 14
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